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Immagine di Raja Gosnell
Identikit and personal data
Raja Raymond
Last name
Raja Gosnell
December 9, 1958
North American
film director
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Raja Gosnell movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Raja Gosnell quotes
  • “I have a lot of respect for the actors. They are the ones putting themselves out there, and you have to be sensitive to that.”
    Raja Gosnell
  • “As an editor, I like to have as many cutting and performanceoptions as possible. As a director, the battle is making the time to shoot all the options you'll want in post production.”
    Raja Gosnell
  • “You need to be a good listener. You hire creative people to be creative. Some great ideas come from the crew and department heads. As a director, you're inundated with ideas. Using the good ones and passing on the bad ones are a big part of the job.”
    Raja Gosnell
  • “You have to be a good communicator because you are dealing with several department heads, production manager, the studio, producers, cast, etc. answering literally hundreds of questions a day.”
    Raja Gosnell
  • “As an editor I was used to communicating my ideas with pictures, sound and music. As a director you can only use your words, because the others don't exist yet.”
    Raja Gosnell