“The Land Before Time” quotes

Cartoon The Land Before Time
Title The Land Before Time
Year 1988
Director Don Bluth
Genre Drama, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation
Interpreted by
Plot – A group of herbivorous dinosaurs - those of the 'Longneck' type - is on its way to the "Great Valley". Littlefoot, the youngest among them, remains alone and loses contact with the rest of the group, joining four other puppies to reach the "Great Valley" together.
All actors – Judith Barsi, Pat Hingle, Gabriel Damon, Helen Shaver, Bill Erwin, Burke Byrnes, Candace Hutson, Will Ryan, Diana Ross
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  • “See? I can take care of myself - all by myself. I'm not afraid to be alone. I know my way to go, and I'm not afraid of Sharptooth... I hope he doesn't eat any of you!”
    Candace Hutson - Cera
  • “- Ducky: The tree is talking!
    - Littlefoot: No it isn't.
    - Ducky: You should not eat talking trees. Nope, nope nope.”

    Judith Barsi - Ducky
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:magic, trees]
  • “Once upon this same earth, beneath this same sun, long before you, before the ape and the elephant, as well; before the wolf, the bison, the whale, before the mammoth and the mastodon, in the time of the dinosaurs. Now the dinosaurs were of two kinds. Some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves of trees, and some had sharp teeth for eating meat, and...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Pat Hingle - Narrator
  • “Let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen closely.”
    Helen Shaver - Littlefoot's Mother
  • “Don't step on a crack, or you'll fall and break your back.”
    Judith Barsi - Ducky
  • “Petrie, don't feel sad. It's alright. Many things can't fly. Rocks, trees, sticks, Spike...”

    Judith Barsi - Ducky
    [Tag:flying, inability]
  • “Littlefoot knew for certain he was alone, and although the Great Valley was far away, the journey there was perillous. He would have to find his way, or the chain of life would be broken.”
    Pat Hingle - Narrator
  • “- Rooter: It is nobody's fault. The great circle of life has begun. But see, not all of us arrive together at the end.
    - Littlefoot: What'll I do? I miss her so much.
    - Rooter: And you'll always miss her. But she'll always be with you, as long as you remember the things she taught you. In a way, you'll never be apart, for you are still part of...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Pat Hingle - Rooter
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:death, grief, loss]
  • “- Littlefoot's mother: The Great Valley is filled with green food like this. More than you can ever eat, and more fresh cool water than you can ever drink. It is a wonderful beautiful place where we can live happily with many more of our own kind.
    - Littlefoot: Gee. When will we get there?
    - Littlefoot's mother: The bright circle must pass over...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Helen Shaver - Littlefoot's Mother
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:time, traveling]
  • “- Littlefoot's mother: Dear, sweet, Littlefoot, do you remember the way to the Great Valley?
    - Littlefoot: I guess so. But why do I have to know if you're going to be with me?
    - Littlefoot's mother: I'll be with you. Even if you can't see me.
    - Littlefoot: What do you mean I can't see you? I can always see you.”

    Helen Shaver - Littlefoot's Mother
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:loss, mother]
  • “- Ducky: Where are we going?
    - Littlefoot: To the Great Valley. I'm not gonna stop until I find my grandparents.”

    Judith Barsi - Ducky
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:family, traveling]
  • “- Littlefoot: Have you ever seen the Great Valley?
    - Littlefoot's Mother: No.
    - Littlefoot: Well, how do you know it's really there?
    - Littlefoot's Mother: Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.”

    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    Helen Shaver - Littlefoot's Mother
    [Tag:heart, sight]
  • “- Littlefoot: Mother, what's a long neck?
    - Littlefoot's Mother: Well, that's what we are, dear.
    - Littlefoot: Oh. Well, why can't I play with that three-horn? We were having fun.
    - Littlefoot's Mother: Well, we all keep to our own kinds. The three-horns, the spike-tails, the swimmers, the flyers... we never do anything together.
    - Littlefoot:...” (continue)
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    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    Helen Shaver - Littlefoot's Mother
  • “- Petrie: I fly?
    - Ducky: No, you falled.
    - Petrie: I fall?
    - Ducky: You cannot fly? But how did you get way up there?
    - Petrie: I climb.
    - Littlefoot: But you are a flyer, not a faller.
    - Petrie: Hard thing, to fly.”

    Will Ryan - Petrie
    Judith Barsi - Ducky
    Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
    [Tag:ability, flying]