“The Lord of the Rings” quotes

Cartoon The Lord of the Rings
Title The Lord of the Rings
Year 1978
Director Ralph Bakshi
Genre Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
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Plot – One of the rings forged by Sauron, the Dark Lord, ended up in the hands of Bilbo, a 'hobbit' from Middle-Earth. As the wizard Gandalf suggested, Bilbo entrusts the ring to his nephew Frodo whose fate has committed him to bring the harmful object to the land of Mordor. Here, he can throw it in the Oradrien mountain's flames. While Gandalf fights against the wizard Saruman, Frodo faithfully begins his journey. However, the path is obstructed by the black knights' attacks and by the Orcs.
All actors – Christopher Guard, William Squire, Michael Scholes, John Hurt, Simon Chandler, Dominic Guard, Norman Bird, Michael Graham Cox, Anthony Daniels, David Buck, Peter Woodthorpe, Fraser Kerr, Philip Stone, Michael Deacon, André Morell, Alan Tilvern, Annette Crosbie, John Westbrook, John A. Neris, Sharon Baird, Michael Lee Gogin, Paul Gale, Patrick Sullivan Burke, Billy Barty, Donn Whyte, Trey Wilson, Albert Ash, Patty Maloney, Jeri Lea Ray, Felix Silla, Mike Clifford, Larry Larsen, Art Hern, David Dotson, Tommy Madden, Gary Jensen, Aesop Aquarian, Santy Josol, Stan Barrett, John L, Herbie Braha, Sam Laws, Hank Calia, Terry Leonard, Frank Delfino, Peter Looney, Russ Ernest, Dennis Madalone, Louie Elias, Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei, Edoardo Faieta, Jerry Maren, Carmen Filpi, Harry Monty, Ruth Gay, Frank Morson, Leonard P. Geer, Walter Robles, Harriet Gibson, Mic Rodgers, Bob Haney, Angelo Rossitto, Chuck Hayward, Peter Risch, Eddie Hice, Jack Verbois, Loren Janes, Greg Walker
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