“Dogfight” quotes

Movie Dogfight
Title Dogfight
Year 1991
Director Nancy Savoca
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – San Francisco, 1963. The night before leaving for Vietnam, eighteen-year-old Eddie Birdlace and his friends play "Dogfight": the game consists in betting money, rent a bar for a party, find a date and whoever brings the ugliest girl wins. Eddie brings Rose, a convinced pacifist who works in a cafe. Rose is happy to accompany him, but soon discovers the game behind the invitation and tells Eddie and his friends off, not because of what was done to her, but for all the other girls involved earlier in this cruel game. Eddie, on the other hand, slowly begins to know her and appreciate her good qualities, so when she returns home angry, he follows her to apologize. Eddie feels guilty and asks Rose for a real date. They spend the rest of the evening together, and also the night. The day after Eddie leaves: when he returns four years later after the war, he will be a different and wiser man thanks to Rose.
All actors – River Phoenix, Lili Taylor, Richard Panebianco, Anthony Clark, Mitchell Whitfield, Holly Near, Elizabeth Daily, Sue Morales, Christina Mastin, Christopher Shaw, John Lacy, Chris San Nicholas
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