“Dunston Checks In” quotes

Movie Dunston Checks In
Ken Kwapis directed this movie in 1996
Title Dunston Checks In
Year 1996
Director Ken Kwapis
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family
Plot – The Majestic Hotel in New York City, whose guests are selected and wealthy, is supervised directly by the owner Mrs. Dubrow, an elegant lady who is fussy about the details of the hotel and who wants more recognition of its quality. Manager Robert Grant, who is as placid as efficient, lives in the hotel with his two children, Kyle and Brian. Everything has to be more impeccable than ever for an exceptional party. Among the guests is the self-styled Lord Rutledge - really a jewel thief – who in his room keeps Dunston, a funny and clever hairy orangutan, who has been trained to climb balconies and windows to steal diamonds and precious jewelry. However, Rutledge is also cruel and little Kyle understands it immediately: he befriends the beast and protects it, always saving it in bizarre and hilarious situations. As robbed women scream, disasters follow in luxurious but violated suites. Luckily Dunston is docile and good-natured and does not need anything more than Kyle, although a certain La Farge from animal protection is looking for it. While this hunt is relentless but vain, Kyle and the orangutan have become inseparable and, also with the help of Brian, the confusion for the party increases. Dunston roams under the tablecloths and between the glassware, until Mrs. Dubrow falls into a rose-colored cream cake more than two meters high cake. Fortunately, Robert Grant is not fired but is "exiled" to manage a fine hotel in Bali. Here, free from difficult and stressful commitments, Grant will enjoy his children better than before immerged in beautiful nature, not without - of course - the presence of Dunston.
All actors – Jason Alexander, Faye Dunaway, Eric Lloyd, Rupert Everett, Graham Sack, Paul Reubens, Glenn Shadix, Nathan Davis, Jennifer Bassey, Judith Scott, Bruce Beatty, Danny Comden
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