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Movie Gleaming the Cube
Title Gleaming the Cube
Year 1989
Director Graeme Clifford
Genre Drama, Mystery, Action
Plot – Son of a wealthy American family, sixteen-year-old Brian Kelly lives in California with his parents and his brother Vinh, a Vietnamese boy of the same age that his parents adopted eleven years before. Brian is a restless slacker: he does not want to study and is only interested in skateboarding and performing stunts with his friends, preferably on the edges of dry pools. Vinh, however, is a calm and thoughtful boy. He is studious and in his free time he works in the administrative offices of colonel Vu Dau Trac, a Vietnamese dissident who manages an "assistance foundation" that supports anti-communist Vietnamese in their homeland. While working on the computer Vinh notices that the accounts are incorrect. He takes some notes and shows the clamorous irregularities to the colonel, who however does not seem to care. Vinh, however, wants to know more and at night he manages to sneak into the warehouse of the "assistance foundation" to discover a deadly arms trafficking operation, disguised as a harmless medicines and health products deposit. He is discovered by a warehouse photocell and, after a short interrogation, is strangled; the murder is cleverly masked behind a fake suicide. The only one that does not believe in the suicide is Brian, who starts looking for the possible motive for the crime. He is barely listened to by only one police officer who, although considering Brian a dreamer, does not totally rule out the hypothesis of the homicide. After a stubborn investigation, inadvertently assisted by the teenage daughter of the colonel Tina, who has fallen in love with him, Brian manages to unmask the guilty parties, backed up by his adventurous and noisy skate-boarding friends.
All actors – Christian Slater, Steven Bauer, Richard Herd, Le Tuan, Min Luong, Art Chudabala, Ed Lauter, Micole Mercurio, Peter Kwong, Charles Cyphers, Max Perlich, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Christian Jacobs, Joe Gosha, Andy Nguyen, Kieu Chinh, Joshua Ravetch, Jack Riley, Ángela Moya, F. William Parker, J. Jay Saunders, Chi Muoi Lo, Vien Hong, Ngo Von Quy, Hao 'Howie' Pham, Phong Thien Nguyen, Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad, Khiem Tran, Rita Rudner, Lauree Berger, Buddy Joe Hooker, Matthew T. Adams, Karen Smith
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