“Halloweentown” quotes

Movie Halloweentown
Title Halloweentown
Year 1998
Director Duwayne Dunham
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Plot – Marnie, Dylan and Sophie Piper are visited by their grandmother Angie who wants to teach Marnie some witchcraft before her thirteenth birthday. Halloweentown is threatened and Angie needs some help.
All actors – Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly J. Brown, Judith Hoag, Joey Zimmerman, Phillip Van Dyke, Emily Roeske, Robin Thomas, Shannon Day, J.W. Crawford, Jordyn F. Fields, Elizabeth Fugere, Nurmi Husa
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  • “My poor little sister should be out trick-or-treating, but you've kept her from a normal childhood and now she's a wall ornament.”

    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
  • “Being normal is vastly overrated.”
    Debbie Reynolds - Aggie Cromwell
  • “- Luke: Maybe we could go out for an ice cream. I know my way around town. I'm kinda like the big cheese here.
    - Marnie Piper: I was hungry, but then I smelled something stinky... it must have been the Big Cheese!”

    Phillip Van Dyke - Luke
    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
    [Tag:arrogance, food, stink]
  • - Gwen Cromwell Piper: I'm just trying to protect you.
    - Marnie Piper: Yeah, you're protecting us from being anything but a bunch of vegetables. Hey look! I'm a potato, are you happy now? Maybe I'll put down some roots in the carpet. "Oh no Marnie, it's too dangerous!". There're things about vegetables that you don't understand.

    Judith Hoag - Gwen Cromwell Piper
    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
  • “How are we supposed to grow up if we're not allowed to go into the world, try new things and take some risks?”
    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
  • “- Gwen Cromwell Piper: You can't go out tonight.
    - Marnie Piper: Why?
    - Gwen Cromwell Piper: I have my reasons and I will explain them to you when you're taller.
    - Marnie Piper: Mom, you've been saying that for like my whole life. It's just one night, what's the big deal?”

    Judith Hoag - Gwen Cromwell Piper
    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
    [Tag:denial, mother, order]
  • “- Dylan Piper: Why can't you find a more normal holiday to get hung up on? Like... Arbor Day! Trees are important too, you know.
    - Marnie Piper: Halloween is cool, nature boy! It's ancient, it's strange, and, besides, Mom and Dad met on Halloween.
    - Dylan Piper: Shhh! What're you doing? You know talking about Dad always bugsMom out.”

    Joey Zimmerman - Dylan Piper
    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
  • “- Gwen Cromwell Piper: You are not a witch.
    - Marnie Piper: Oh yes, I am, no thanks to you. You were going to let my powers go away forever.”

    Judith Hoag - Gwen Cromwell Piper
    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
    [Tag:magic, power]
  • “Magic is really very simple, all you've got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.”
    Debbie Reynolds - Aggie Cromwell
    [Tag:magic, will]
  • “- Marnie Piper: I'm getting that déjà-vu feeling again!
    - Dylan Piper: You knew I was going to put on my shoe?”

    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
    Joey Zimmerman - Dylan Piper
  • “- Marnie Piper: A pentagram. Lon Chaney had one of these on his hand when he was bit by that werewolf.
    - Aggie Cromwell: I've always said that the movies could teach us so much.”

    Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
    Debbie Reynolds - Aggie Cromwell
    [Tag:movie, teaching]