“Horrible Bosses” quotes

Movie Horrible Bosses
Title Horrible Bosses
Year 2011
Director Seth Gordon
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – The working days of Nick, Kent and Dale would flow quieter if they didn't collide continuously with the harassments and malices of their three superiors. After drinking a little bit and listening to a freakout killer's advices, the three friends develop a crazy plan to permanently get rid of their tyrants, underestimating unexpected accidents.
All actors – Jason Bateman, Steve Wiebe, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Day, Lindsay Sloane, Michael Albala, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Hasty, Reginald Ballard, George Back, Barry Livingston, Meghan Markle, Donald Sutherland, Celia Finkelstein, Colin Farrell, John Francis Daley, Scott Rosendall, P.J. Byrne, Dave Sheridan, Ioan Gruffudd, Brian George, Chad L. Coleman, Jamie Foxx, Diana Toshiko, Carla Maria Cadotte, Peter Breitmayer, Julie Bowen, Isaiah Mustafa, Wendell Pierce, Ron White, Jimm Giannini, Dawn Frances, Andrew Lukich, Bob Newhart, Seth Gordon, , Carrington Bennett, Mark Black, Christina Blevins, Tony Cronin, Gregory George Frank, Sinakhone Keodara, Sean R. Lake, Mariano Mendoza, Keith Middlebrook, Richard John Reliford, Eli Tahan, Joanna Theobalds, George F. Watson, Thom Williams
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