“Manhattan Murder Mystery” quotes

Movie Manhattan Murder Mystery
Woody Allen directed this movie in 1993
Title Manhattan Murder Mystery
Year 1993
Director Woody Allen
Genre Drama, Comedy, Mystery
Plot – The premature death of a housewife from the West Side turns the members of New York’s literature élite in amateur detectives. Carol Lipton is the leader of the group and an ex-advertiser who left her career to take care of her son, becoming a skilled gastronome with the dream to open a restaurant. She is impulsive and indiscreet, so she immediately becomes suspicious of the neighbor’s death, causing the consternation of her husband who would prefer to ignore the event.
All actors – Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Jerry Adler, Lynn Cohen, Ron Rifkin, Joy Behar, William Addy, John Doumanian, Sylvia Kauders, Ira Wheeler, Alan Alda, Anjelica Huston, Melanie Norris, Marge Redmond, Zach Braff, George J. Manos, Linda Taylor, Aida Turturro, John Costelloe, Frank Pellegrino, Philip Levy, Wendell Pierce, Steven Randazzo, Yanni Sfinias, Gloria Irizarry, Ruth Last, Suzanne Raffaelli, John D. Bair, David Boston, Harry Lavin, Michael Luggio
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