“My Stepmother Is an Alien” quotes

Movie My Stepmother Is an Alien
Title My Stepmother Is an Alien
Year 1988
Director Richard Benjamin
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy
Plot – Young physicist Steve Mills sends klystron radiations on a planet 92 years-light far from Earth. As he has compromised the planet's existence, the Three Wise Men send Celeste, a blonde inspector, to punish Steve, but her task on the Earth is difficult. Mills is conquered by Celeste and they marry in 24 hours. Celeste invokes clemency to the Three Wise Men to stay with her new husband.
All actors – Dan Aykroyd, Kim Basinger, Jon Lovitz, Alyson Hannigan, Joseph Maher, Seth Green, Ann Prentiss, Wesley Mann, Tony Jay, Peter Bromilow, Nina Henderson, Harry Shearer
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