“Nightwatch” quotes

Movie Nightwatch
Title Nightwatch
Year 1997
Director Ole Bornedal
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
Plot – Martin is a law student and takes a part-time job as night watchman in a morgue, despite the previous guard has warned him about strange and mysterious events over there. In the meantime, a serial killer is claiming victims throughout the city and Inspector Thomas focuses his attention on the morgue. Martin finds himself involved in the case as his friend Joyce is killed. On the crime scene Martin finds the name of Albert Cray, a former morgue's guard who's actually Inspector Thomas. As he was fired from the morgue, Albert wants to take revenge and threatens Martin and his girlfriend Katherine but he's killed by James, Martin's friend. When everything is over, James and Martin look at each other and think it's time for them to become adults.
All actors – Anais Evans, Ewan McGregor, Nick Nolte, Erich Anderson, Josh Brolin, Lauren Graham, Patricia Arquette, Lonny Chapman, Scott Burkholder, Brad Dourif, Michael Matthys, Alison Gale
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