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Movie Pale Rider
Clint Eastwood directed this movie in 1985
Title Pale Rider
Year 1985
Director Clint Eastwood
Genre Western
Plot – A group of gold miners have set up camp on a mountain ridge in North America. They are a group of honest people lead by Barret, owner of the land. However, the settlement interferes with the plans of Coy Lahood, a wealthy businessman who is further upstream and is also looking for gold with more 'modern' means. His gang raids the poor campsite of the "intruders" and the good-natured Barret is provoked and beaten. However, a “preacher” appears on the horizon; he is a strange kind of Lone Ranger - half priest, complete with a white collar, and half gunslinger. After teaching Barret's attackers a lesson, the stranger settles in the camp. He reassures the gold miners, is adored by the women and is respected by all. Lahood does not tolerate the opposition of the group of simple “tin-panners”, so first he tries in vain to pay them to leave, then changes the course of the stream that flows among their tents and shacks. Although initially hesitant on how to react, when stirred up by Preacher, the gold miners refuse all compromise and decide to fight, though aware of the risks they face. One day, one of them finally finds a huge gold nugget and makes up his mind to go into town to make fun of Lahood. The businessman has the man killed by some of the men of the self-proclaimed sheriff, who has been hired on purpose to eliminate any resistance. However the stranger, leaving his white collar behind and well equipped with artillery, fearlessly enters the unequal struggle, frees young Megan, who Lahood's son has seized, dynamites Lahood's water flues, kills the sheriff's aides and shoots the sheriff, an old enemy of his. After that, he rides away, accompanied by the tears of Megan and her mother as well as the gratitude of Barret's men. Barret himself arrives in the final whirlwind to electrocute the capitalist villain, who had already targeted the brave stranger.
All actors – Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgress, Chris Penn, Richard Dysart, Sydney Penny, Richard Kiel, Doug McGrath, John Russell, Charles Hallahan, Marvin J. McIntyre, Fran Ryan, Richard Hamilton, Graham Paul, Chuck Lafont, Jeffrey Weissman, Allen Keller, Randy Oglesby, Herman Poppe, Kathleen Wygle, Terrence Evans, Jim Hitson, Loren Adkins, Thomas H. Friedkin, S.A. Griffin, Jack Radosta, Robert Winley, Billy Drago, Jeffrey Josephson, John Dennis Johnston, Michael Adams, Clay M. Lilley, Gene Hartline, R.L. Tolbert, Clifford Happy, Ross Loney, Larry Randles, Mike H. McGaughy, Jerry Gatlin, Lloyd Nelson, Jay K. Fishburn, George Orrison, Milton Murrill, Mike Munsey, Keith Dillin, Buddy Van Horn, Fritz Manes, Glenn Wright
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