“Penthouse” quotes

Movie Penthouse
Title Penthouse
Year 1933
Director W.S. Van Dyke
Genre Crime, Romance, Mystery
Interpreted by
All actors – Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy, Charles Butterworth, Mae Clarke, Phillips Holmes, C. Henry Gordon, Martha Sleeper, Nat Pendleton, George E. Stone, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Raymond Hatton, Arthur Belasco
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  • “- Jackson 'Jack' Durant: Oh, I've been stupid, very stupid.
    - Gertie Waxted: Well, of course. You're a man.”

    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
    Myrna Loy - Gertie Waxted
    [Tag:love, men, stupidity]
  • “Gee, I never run across a guy like you. You can put the burn up on me and not only make me take it, but, like it. Why don't you reform and be my partner.”

    Nat Pendleton - Tony Gazotti
  • “- Sue Leonard: Why, you speak as though you hated me.
    - Jackson 'Jack' Durant: Why not? Why should you expect my love to last any longer than yours?
    - Sue Leonard: I never knew you could be so cruel. You've changed.
    - Jackson 'Jack' Durant: Yes. I salute the maker of that change.”

    Martha Sleeper - Sue Leonard
    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
    [Tag:changing, end, love]
  • “- Jackson 'Jack' Durant: Tony, you're, you're, you're a dirty-minded little rat.
    - Tony Gazotti: There you go again! Boy, I like you!”

    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
    Nat Pendleton - Tony Gazotti
  • “- Jackson 'Jack' Durant: What time did they leave?
    - Layton: Right after you passed out, sir.
    - Jackson 'Jack' Durant: Well, I hope you took over my duties as host, Layton.
    - Layton: Yes sir, I took the big blonde home.”

    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
    Charles Butterworth - Layton
    [Tag:friendship, girl, sex]
  • “- Tony Gazotti: Well, after all, I ain't a bad guy, am I?
    - Jackson 'Jack' Durant: You're a menace to civilization.
    - Tony Gazotti: Boy, I like you.”

    Nat Pendleton - Tony Gazotti
    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
  • “There's a kick in fighting for a man's life. There's mystery! There's intrigue! I like the troubles of bootleggers, chorus girls and head waiters. They're human! They're alive!”
    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
    [Tag:manhood, people]
  • “- Jackson 'Jack' Durant: I'm afraid you think I'm taking advantage of you.
    - Gertie Waxted: I'm afraid you won't!”

    Warner Baxter - Jackson 'Jack' Durant
    Myrna Loy - Gertie Waxted
    [Tag:fear, love]