“Return to Me” quotes

Movie Return to Me
Title Return to Me
Year 2000
Director Bonnie Hunt
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Bob is a young architect recently widowed. He accidentally meets Grace, a waitress who has had a heart transplant and has started a new life after several years of reclusion. In a cosmopolitan Chicago where Irish, Italian and Polish traditions meet, Bob and Grace will be pushed into each other's arms by their protective neighbours, friends and relatives.
All actors – David Duchovny, Minnie Driver, Carroll O'Connor, Robert Loggia, Bonnie Hunt, David Alan Grier, Joely Richardson, Eddie Jones, James Belushi, Marianne Muellerleile, William Bronder, Brian Howe, Chris Barnes, Adam Tanguay, Karson Pound, Tyler Spitzer, Laura Larsen, Austin Samuel Hibbs, Dick Cusack, Joseph Gian, Tom Virtue, Holly Biniak, Tamara Tungate, Thomas A. Senderak, Jennie Lew Tugend, David Pasquesi, Claire Lake, Carol Hunt, Patrick Hunt, Lindsay Allen, Don Lake, Holly Wortell, Becky Veduccio, Peter B. Spector, Darryl Warren, Rudy Gabor, William Zirko, Edward Ballog, Angelo Ricco, Alice Hunt, Franklin E. Jones, Tom Hunt, Jack Cooper, Tim O'Malley, Bounds La Taunya, Harry Teinowitz, Walt Jacobs, Alan Gresik, Romano Ghini, Gabriella Arena, Paola Sebastiani, Lilliana Vitale, Kevin Hunt, Jimmy Johnson, Lou Marini, John Otto, Bill Bartelt, Larry Crandus, Ari Golan, Lisa Harrison, Laura Orrico, Lora Starkman, Justin Thaler
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