“September” quotes

Movie September
Woody Allen directed this movie in 1987
Title September
Year 1987
Director Woody Allen
Genre Drama
Plot – A group of people spends a few days in a villa in Vermont. Lane is the owner and she's in love with Peter, a writer who's working on the biography of her mother Diane, a former diva who's among the guests too. However Peter is in love with Stephanie, Lane's friend. In just twenty-four hours, the group suffers old resentments and experiences new passions. Diane would settle in the villa but Lane rebels, while Peter tries to flirt with Stephanie, who anyway doesn't want to betray her friend. In the end, Lane sells the house and moves to New York to start a new life.
All actors – Denholm Elliott, Dianne Wiest, Mia Farrow, Elaine Stritch, Sam Waterston, Jack Warden, Ira Wheeler, Jane Cecil, Rosemary Murphy
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  • “- Peter: You feel so sure of that when you look out on a clear night like tonight and see all those millions of stars, that none of it matters?
    - Lloyd: I think its just as beautiful as you do, and vaguely evocative of some deep truth that always just keeps slipping away, but then my professional perspective overcomes me; I just wish for a more...” (continue)
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    Sam Waterston - Peter
    Jack Warden - Lloyd
  • “The Richmonds are flooded, electricity's gone off. God is testing us and I for one am gonna be prepared. Where's the vodka?”
    Elaine Stritch - Diane
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  • “It's hell gettin' older. Especially when you feel 21 inside. All the strengths that sustain you all through your life just vanish one by one. And you study your face in the mirror, and you... you notice something's missing. And then you realize it's your future.”
    Elaine Stritch - Diane
  • “Have you got my make-up kit? It's got my diaphram in it... isn't it silly? I still travel with it. It's my lucky charm, maybe I should donate it to the antique fair.”
    Elaine Stritch - Diane
  • “- Peter: Is there anything more terrifying than the destruction of the world?
    - Lloyd: Yes. The knowledge that it doesn't matter one way or the other. Its all random, resonating aimlessly out of nothing and eventually vanishing forever. I'm not talking about the world, I'm talking about the universe, all space, all time, just temporary convulsion.”

    Sam Waterston - Peter
    Jack Warden - Lloyd