“Tales from the Darkside: The Movie” quotes

Movie Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
Title Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
Year 1990
Director John Harrison
Genre Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
All actors – Debbie Harry, David Forrester, Matthew Lawrence, Christian Slater, Robert Sedgwick, Steve Buscemi, Donald Van Horn, Michael Deak, Julianne Moore, George Guidall, Kathleen Chalfant, Ralph Marrero
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  • “- Preston: There's Van Gogh. Degas. Rodin. They didn't have agents. How'd they get so successful?
    - Maddox: They died.”

    James Remar - Preston
    Philip Lenkowsky - Maddox
    [Tag:artist, death, fame]
  • “We were a dull collection of rich, old, unhappy people.”
    William Hickey - Drogan
  • “- Wyatt: You know, you saved Preston from people like me.
    - Preston: She saved me from myself.
    - Wyatt: Time to go. This kind of sincerity is bad for my self-image.”

    Robert Klein - Wyatt
    James Remar - Preston
  • “- Betty: I never could do long division. Let's see, how many times does twelve go into seventy-five.
    - Timmy: Oh, six times, three left over. Why?
    - Betty: Well, at twelve minutes a pound, that means you have to be in the oven by no later than 1:30. Oh, but evisceration takes at least an hour.”

    Debbie Harry - Betty
    Matthew Lawrence - Timmy
  • “- Cabbie: What's so fuckin' funny?
    - Bellingham: Oh, I was just thinking of this guy I know. Couldn't distinguish a third dynastysacred scroll from a piece of post-Alexandrian pictogram porn.”

    Paul Greeno - Cabbie
    Steve Buscemi - Bellingham
  • “- Preston: Wyatt, I'm broke. I can't live on nothing.
    - Wyatt: And I can't live on ten-percent of nothing.
    - Preston: You're a monster.
    - Wyatt: I'm an agent. For an agent, being a monster is just credentials.”

    James Remar - Preston
    Robert Klein - Wyatt
  • “The rest of your nine lives are going in one lump-sum.”

    David Johansen - Halston
    [Tag:cats, killing]
  • “- Halston: Don't worry, Drogan. I'll kill your cat for you.
    - Drogan: Good. Kill it, bury it, and bring me its tail so I can throw it in the fire and watch it burn.”

    David Johansen - Halston
    William Hickey - Drogan
    [Tag:cats, death]
  • “- Carola: Preston and I are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the night we first met.
    - Margaret: You mean when you thought he was gonna push you up against the wall and rape you?
    - Carola: Yes, darling.”

    Rae Dawn Chong - Carola
    Nicolle Rochelle - Margaret