“The Conjuring 2” quotes

Movie The Conjuring 2
James Wan directed this movie in 2016
Title The Conjuring 2
Year 2016
Director James Wan
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – The Warren, two paranormal detectives, are back to solve a new terrifying case. After the last case, the couple has decided to rest for a while. They have travelled to London but a demonic entity was waiting for them in the Enfield borough. The Hodgson were persecuted. Many people have considered their story a hoax but it has become one of the most documented case in the history of the paranormal.
All actors – Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Madison Wolfe, Frances O'Connor, Lauren Esposito, Benjamin Haigh, Patrick McAuley, Simon McBurney, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Simon Delaney, Franka Potente, Bob Adrian, Robin Atkin Downes, Bonnie Aarons, Javier Botet, Steve Coulter, Abhi Sinha, Chris Royds, Sterling Jerins, Daniel Wolfe, Annie Young, Elliot Joseph, Debora Weston, Cory English, Joseph Bishara, Emily Tasker, Kate Cook, Carol Been, Shannon Kook, Holly Hayes, Lance C. Fuller, Jennifer Collins, Thomas Harrison, , Aaron Hay, Edward Losch, Christof Veillon, Claire Ashton, Kishore Bhatt, Sarah Cortez, Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro, Helen Dashwood, Michael DeBartolo, Nancy DeMars, Diego Gomez, Joy Isa, Danny Jackson, Patrick Carney Junior, Jason Liles, Teresa Mahoney, Isabelle Marlowe, Felix J. Micklewhite, Alexa Najera, Glenn Povéy, Mike Sengelow, Maddyson Skentelbery, Jamie Soricelli, Gone Thursday, John Trevillion
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  • “- Reporter: How does it feel living in a haunted house?
    - Margaret Hodgson: You don’t get used to it. We were just a normal family before all this.
    - Janet Hodgson: It’s been getting worse since Mr. Grosse started talking to you.”

    Mike Sengelow - News Reporter
    Lauren Esposito - Margaret Hodgson
    Madison Wolfe - Janet Hodgson
  • “- Bill Wilkins: Janet's asleep.
    [voice gets deeper]
    - Bill Wilkins: ...and I'm talking.”

    Bob Adrian - Bill Wilkins
  • “- Ed Warren: Are you sensing a presence?
    - Lorraine Warren: I’m not sensing anything. All I can sense is their own fear.”

    Patrick Wilson - Ed Warren
    Vera Farmiga - Lorraine Warren
  • “- Peggy Hodgson: The neighbors donated them and I hung them up hoping they’d keep things from moving around.
    - Ed Warren: Has it worked?
    - Peggy Hodgson: No. We can hear it all night.”

    Frances O'Connor - Peggy Hodgson
    Patrick Wilson - Ed Warren
  • “Valak! In the power of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit I condemm you back to hell!”
    Vera Farmiga - Lorraine Warren
  • “- Crooked Man: [to Billy] There was a crooked man. He walks a crooked mile.
    - Billy Hodgson: Mum! Mum!
    - Peggy Hodgson: What? What is it?
    - Billy Hodgson: The... the crooked man!
    - Peggy Hodgson: The crooked... what? Tell me what happened, honey.
    - Billy Hodgson: The... crooked... man!
    - Crooked Man: [to everyone] The crooked man stepped forth...” (continue)
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    Javier Botet - Crooked Man
    Frances O'Connor - Peggy Hodgson
    Benjamin Haigh - Billy Hodgson
    Madison Wolfe - Janet Hodgson
  • “I had a premonition of your death. Something inhuman wants to kill you. If we keep doing this, you’re going to die.”

    Vera Farmiga - Lorraine Warren
  • “- Lorraine Warren: Do you know when the voice is going to speak?
    - Janet Hodgson: Sometimes.
    - Lorraine Warren: And when it does, does it feel like it is coming from inside of you?
    - Janet Hodgson: No, it is more like it is coming from behind me, like I'm being used.”

    Vera Farmiga - Lorraine Warren
    Madison Wolfe - Janet Hodgson