“The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain” quotes

Movie The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain
Title The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain
Year 1995
Director Christopher Monger
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Two English cartographers arrive to Ffynnon Garw to measure the relief of the village as it may be represented on maps only if it exceeds 1000 feet. The villagers dismay when the measurement reveals only 20 feet are missing, so Morgan, the innkeeper, and Jones, the Reverend, ally to solve the problem. All the inhabitants participate to slow down the two cartographers' departure too: the gas station attendant fills with sugar the cartographers' car tank, while Jones pierces a wheel and everyone else transports some soil to raise a pyramid.
All actors – Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Colm Meaney, Ian McNeice, Ian Hart, Kenneth Griffith, Tudor Vaughan, Hugh Vaughan, Robert Pugh, Robert Blythe, Garfield Morgan, Lisa Palfrey
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  • “All this fuss over what? Is it a hill, is it a mountain? Perhaps it wouldn't matter anywhere else, but this is Wales. The Egyptians built pyramids, the Greeks built temples, but we did none of that, because we had mountains. Yes, the Welsh were created by mountains: where the mountain starts, there starts Wales. If this isn't a mountain, well,...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jack Walters - Grandfather
  • “- Jones the JP: I'm not sure how legal that is...
    - Reverend Jones: Yes, or ethical...
    - Morgan the Goat: Legal? Ethical? Wh - how legal was it to say that a thousand feet is a mountain and 984 isn't, uh? Uh? Do we call a short man a boy, or a small dog a cat? No! This is a mountain, our mountain, and if it needs to be a thousand feet, then by...” (continue)
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    David Lloyd Meredith - Jones the JP
    Kenneth Griffith - Reverend Jones
    Colm Meaney - Morgan the Goat
  • “- George Garrad: Can't be too careful in foreign climes.
    - Reginald Anson: It's only Wales.
    - George Garrad: It's still foreign!”

    George Garrad - George Garrad
    Hugh Grant - Reginald Anson
    [Tag:prudence, weather]
  • “When they descended, it was to announce that Ffynnon Gawr was indeed a mountain, of one thousand and two feet, and that they were engaged to be married. Yes, it was an odd courtship, but one befitting a man who went up a hill but came down a mountain.”

    Jack Walters - Grandfather
    [Tag:commitment, love]
  • “- Reverend Jones: Have you no shame?
    - Morgan the Goat: No... I can't think where I've left it!”

    Kenneth Griffith - Reverend Jones
    Colm Meaney - Morgan the Goat
  • “- Narrator: It wasn't until I was 10 years old that I asked my grandfather about the man with the longest and most enigmatic name of all.
    - Grandfather: The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain? Now there's a long name for you. And a long story. You are not going to forget, are you? For this is a story... an epic story. Yes, epic.”

    Nicholas McGaughey - Narrator
    Jack Walters - Grandfather
  • “In France, we dug trenches ten miles long. We took earth from here and made hills there. We moved entire fields. You wouldn't believe what we did. It's possible. It's just hard work.”
    Ian Hart - Johnny Shellshocked (Jones)
  • “Should you think this is just a shaggy dog story told by a senile man to his impressionable grandson, I'd ask you to come to South Wales, to the village where I was born, and as you drive north from Cardiff, look for the first big hill. Not just a hill, but a mountain, and the children of the people who built it. However, just before this film...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jack Walters - Grandfather
  • “- Elizabeth aka Betty from Cardiff: There's nothing very special about me. I'm the kind of girl you usually don't notice: I scuttle in with a tray of tea, bow my head, and scuttle out.
    - Reginald Anson: I'd notice.
    - Elizabeth aka Betty from Cardiff: No, you wouldn't. Not usually.”

    Tara Fitzgerald - Elizabeth aka Betty from Cardiff
    Hugh Grant - Reginald Anson
    [Tag:attitude, ease, girl]
  • “The truth is that, while we Welsh like to believe that it was the mountains that beat the successive invaders, it was really the weather that comes with mountains. It was the rain that defeated every invader. Yes, simple rain.”
    Nicholas McGaughey - Narrator
    [Tag:defeat, truth, weather]
  • “- Reginald Anson: They're pretty.
    - Elizabeth aka Betty from Cardiff: Mmm, yes. Not as pretty as me... you are supposed to say that.”

    Hugh Grant - Reginald Anson
    Tara Fitzgerald - Elizabeth aka Betty from Cardiff