“Tuff Turf” quotes

Movie Tuff Turf
Title Tuff Turf
Year 1985
Director Fritz Kiersch
Genre Drama, Action
All actors – James Spader, Kim Richards, Paul Mones, Matt Clark, Claudette Nevins, Robert Downey Jr., Olivia Barash, Panchito Gómez, Michael Wyle, Catya Sassoon, Francis X. McCarthy, Art Evans
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  • “if I ever catch you near Frankie again, I'll take you out so fast, you won't even have time to spit.”

    Paul Mones - Nick Hauser
    [Tag:jealousy, threat]
  • - Stuart Hiller: Go easy on him tonight, Page. This means a lot to him.
    - Page Hiller: So did that girl he brought home for Easter last year. Remember? She was so stoned, all she could do was look at the peas and say, "wow, they're so green!".

    Matt Clark - Stuart Hiller
    Claudette Nevins - Page Hiller
    [Tag:drugs, girl]
  • “How many bullets are left in this gun, Nick? Enough for Morgan? For my father? For everybody else who doesn't fit in your turf?”
    Kim Richards - Frankie Croyden
  • “- Morgan Hiller: What do I do right now?
    - Stuart Hiller: Right now, you do what you... really wanna do. Do whatever it is that you know is right. That you believe in. That's all. And feel good about it! Look, son. Life isn't a problem to be solved. It's a mystery to be lived. So live it.”

    James Spader - Morgan Hiller
    Matt Clark - Stuart Hiller
    [Tag:life, living, mystery]
  • “- Morgan Hiller: You going to college?
    - Frankie Croyden: I'll be lucky if I even graduate. I'll probably just get married, don't needcollege for that.”

    James Spader - Morgan Hiller
    Kim Richards - Frankie Croyden
  • “- Stuart Hiller: Can you fix it?
    - Morgan Hiller: Yeah, as soon as I learn how to walk on water, I'll get right on it, Dad.”

    Matt Clark - Stuart Hiller
    James Spader - Morgan Hiller
  • “At first I gagged. But, after awhile it's really easy. I mean you guys swallow, don't you?”

    Olivia Barash - Ronnie
  • “- Page Hiller: Your bike is in pieces and you tell me nothing happened? Did you at least find out if they have any insurance?
    - Morgan Hiller: Insurance? This isn't Connecticut; no one has insurance around here!”

    Claudette Nevins - Page Hiller
    James Spader - Morgan Hiller