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  • “Oh, we were doomed from the start. I'm an Earth sign. She's a Water sign. Together, we made mud.”

    Rodney Dangerfield - Thornton Melon
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  • “Not believing in an afterlife is like not believing in astrology.”
    Leslie Mann - Sandra Babcock
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  • “- David Helfgott - Adult: Would you marry me?
    - Gillian: Well, it wouldn't be very practical, David.
    - David Helfgott - Adult: Practical? No, of course not. Of course not. But then neither am I, Gillian. Neither am I. I'm not very practical at all.
    - Sylvia: You'll miss the plane!
    - Gillian: It's sweet of you, David. I don't know what to say.
    -...” (continue)
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    Geoffrey Rush - David Helfgott - Adult
    Lynn Redgrave - Gillian
    Sonia Todd - Sylvia
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  • “- Man: If astrology were true...
    - Sam: It is true! It is totally, totally, totally provable, you know?
    - Female Party Guest: Provable how? From gypsies?
    - Sam: Well, it's totally logical, right? You know, why wouldn't the position of the planets have an influence on our personalities?”

    Lysette Anthony - Sam
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  • “This is Debbie's chart. It's really weird. Because there was an eclipse the day she was born, both the sun and the moon were blocking Saturn. There should be something missing from her personality.”
    Lori Lethin - Joyce Russel
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  • “- Lisa: So, she's six weeks pregnant. That means the baby's due in... April, May... June. Gemini. That's cool. Einstein was a Gemini. So is that Scottish gal from Garbage.
    - Tom Witzky: Will you go help Jake with his pajamas?
    - Lisa: If she's late...
    - Tom Witzky: Lisa, I swear to God, start with the Dionne Warwick stuff and I'll throw you out...” (continue)
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    Illeana Douglas - Lisa
    Kevin Bacon - Tom
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  • “- Kay: You know things before they happen.
    - Laura Vasquez: I'm a Libra!”

    Tommy Lee Jones - Kay
    Rosario Dawson - Laura Vasquez
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  • “- Robert 'Bobby' Boucher Jr.: Mama, Vicky is an astrologist.
    - Helen 'Mama' Boucher: I don't believe in that sort of thing personally. Astrology is one of the many tools of the devil.”

    Adam Sandler - Robert 'Bobby' Boucher Jr.
    Kathy Bates - Helen 'Mama' Boucher
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  • “I must be in love, I just lied about my sign.”
    Bill Murray - Jack Corcoran
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  • “- Zack Antoine: Max?
    - Max: No! Not with the moon in Pluto.”

    Patrick Bauchau - Zack Antoine
    Albert Stanislaus - Max