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Leslie Mann quotes
  • “- Dean: That's okay, I'm a single dad. It's totally normal for son's to feel weird with their mom's date. Stepping in their dad's shoes protecting their castle.
    - Scarlet: He's not my son.
    - Dean: Oh, then that's weird.
    - Scarlet: It is.”

    Larry Poindexter - Dean
    Leslie Mann - Scarlet
    [Tag:awkwardness, son]
  • “- Audrey Griswold-Crandall: What kind of asshole would drive his family cross country?
    - Rusty Griswold: Audrey, dad wanted us to be close and that's all I want for my family.
    - Stone Crandall: Family is the most important thing there is.”

    Leslie Mann - Audrey Griswold
    Ed Helms - Rusty Griswold
    Chris Hemsworth - Stone Crandall
  • “- Elaine Warner: He's an asshole.
    - Walter P. 'Duff' Duffy: Mmm... casserole.
    - Elaine Warner: I said asshole.
    - Walter P. 'Duff' Duffy: I heard casserole!”

    Leslie Mann - Elaine Warner
    Tom Greening - Walter P. 'Duff' Duffy
  • “- Mike O'Donnell: It's just that I put a lot of work in this yard.
    - Scarlet: Did you? Really? Like the barbecue pit? Yeah, the way I remember that is that you spent about an hour working on it and then you spent the next two days complaining about how if you had gone to college then you could have had hired someone else to do it.
    - Mike...” (continue)
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    Zac Efron - Mike O'Donnell
    Leslie Mann - Scarlet
  • “They say that when a woman wants to end a relationship, she cuts off all of her hair. I've done that twice in my marriage but am still married.”
    Leslie Mann
  • “Perfect people are the scariest people to me.”
    Leslie Mann
  • “Women love hairy men. Cavemen were the sexiest men in history.”
    Leslie Mann
    [Tag:hair, men, women]
  • “- Debbie: Hey, I have a really good idea. Why don't the two of you get into your time machine, go back in time and fuck each other.
    - Pete: Who needs a time machine?”

    Leslie Mann - Debbie
    Paul Rudd - Pete
    [Tag:past, sex]
  • “- Ursula Stanhope: Did you fight a crocodile for this?
    - George: Oh, no. George not fight. Crocodile have toothache. George pull tooth. Crocodile give to George after. Gift.”

    Leslie Mann - Ursula Stanhope
    Brendan Fraser - George
  • “- Debbie: So you would do sex with me?
    - Flirty Hockey Player: 'Do sex'? What are you, Borat?”

    Leslie Mann - Debbie
    Wyatt Russell - Flirty Hockey Player
  • “- Linda: Actually, it's the brains I'm more attracted to. I'm not so impressed by fancy feathers.
    - Tulio: I know exactly what you mean. My favorite bird is a spotted owl. I've always been mesmerized by those big, round, intelligent eyes.”

    Leslie Mann - Linda
    Rodrigo Santoro - Tulio
    [Tag:animals, charm]
  • “I don't want a turbo penis. I like your medium soft one.”
    Leslie Mann - Debbie
    [Tag:genitalia, sex]
  • “- Linda: Wow! You're actually communicating!
    - Tulio: Yes! Yes! I introduced myself and shook my tail feathers counter clockwise, thus referring to his dominance.”

    Leslie Mann - Linda
    Rodrigo Santoro - Tulio
  • “- Sadie: Where do babies come from?
    - Debbie: Where do you think they come from?
    - Sadie: Well. I think a stork, he umm, he drops it down and then, and then, a hole goes in your body and there's blood everywhere, coming out of your head and then you push your belly button and then your butt falls off and then you hold your butt and you have to...” (continue)
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    Maude Apatow - Sadie
    Leslie Mann - Debbie
  • “- Debbie: Sadie might have the chicken pox.
    - Jason: I had the chicken pox three times. I have no immunity to it.
    - Ben Stone: We don't have the heart to tell him it's herpes.
    - Jason: It's not herpes if it's everywhere.”

    Leslie Mann - Debbie
    Jason Segel - Jason
    Seth Rogen - Ben Stone
  • “- Arthur Stanhope: Beatrice, this is supposed to be her wedding, not yours. I know you're upset, and so am I, but we can't force her to marry someone against her will.
    - Beatrice Stanhope: Why not?
    - Ursula Stanhope: Mom, dad, I'm ready to go out there and apologize to everybody and tell them what really happened.”

    John Bennett Perry - Arthur Stanhope
    Holland Taylor - Beatrice Stanhope
    Leslie Mann - Ursula Stanhope
  • - Corinne Maloney: What's this I hear about you doing laundry with my sister?
    - Sonny Koufax: Did she say we were doing laundry? Because where I come from, it's called "doing the hibbidy-dibbidy".

    Leslie Mann - Corinne Maloney
    Adam Sandler - Sonny Koufax
    [Tag:metaphors, sex]
  • - Ursula Stanhope: Did you just say "love"?
    - Beatrice Stanhope: No...
    - Ursula Stanhope: You did. You're right.
    - Beatrice Stanhope: Ursula... don't say it.
    - Ursula Stanhope: I love him! I'm out of here.
    - Beatrice Stanhope: Ursula! You can't love him!

    Leslie Mann - Ursula Stanhope
    Holland Taylor - Beatrice Stanhope
  • “- Ursula Stanhope: You can watch TV, and eat, and relax, and I'll be back as soon as I can. Just stay here.
    - The Narrator: Stay here? George is king of the jungle. No four walls built by modern man can contain him.
    - George: Not true. George have every intention of doing exactly what Ursula say.”

    Leslie Mann - Ursula Stanhope
    Keith Scott - The Narrator
    Brendan Fraser - George