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7/3/15 at 10:16 PM
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  • “In the ring, you got rules. Outside, you got nothing. Life hits you with all these cheap shots. People like me, we live in the past. You got people that need you now. You got everything to lose, this guy has got nothing to lose.”

    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
    [Tag:life, losing, risk, rules]
  • “Once again, the L.A.P.D. is asking Los Angelenos not to fire their guns at the visitor spacecraft. You may inadvertently trigger an interstellar war.”
    Gary W. Cruz - Video Newscaster
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  • “- Orlov: The West is decadent - and divided! It has no stomach to risk our atomic reprisals! Throughout Europe daily demonstrations demand unilateral nuclear disarmament.
    - General Anatoly Gogol: I see no reason to risk war to satisfy your personal paranoia and thirst for conquest!”

    Steven Berkoff - Orlov
    Walter Gotell - Gogol
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  • Americans, all you care about is your own damn pilots! What happens when the fighting starts again? Will America recommit its forces to stop a major war? No, you don't have any control over that little detail, do you? You might have helped save your man today, Reigart, and I emphasize "might", but you risk the lives of thousands tomorrow.
    Joaquim de Almeida - Piquet
    [Tag:americans, risk, war]
  • “War implies extreme government because wars are fought to enforce rules or ideals, even freedom. But other people ideals forced on someone else, even if it is something like freedom, is still a rule; not anarchy.”
    Matthew Lillard - Stevo
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