“WarGames” quotes

Movie WarGames
Title WarGames
Year 1983
Director John Badham
Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller
Plot – David has a great passion: the computer. He uses it for everything, as well as to raise his and his friend Jennifer's poor school marks. One day he connects with Joshua, a Defense employee who invites him to play a nuclear war game. David, ignoring the man's real identity, accepts the challenge but soon he realizes he has to stop playing because he understands Joshua wants to undermine the entire defense system. David is arrested by the FBI and in vain tries to explain that he isn't a spy, meanwhile the computer is preparing to launch a lot of missiles.
All actors – Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Ally Sheedy, Barry Corbin, Juanin Clay, Kent Williams, Dennis Lipscomb, Joe Dorsey, Irving Metzman, Michael Ensign, William Bogert, Susan Davis, James Tolkan, David Clover, Drew Snyder, John Garber, Duncan Wilmore, Billy Ray Sharkey, John Spencer, Michael Madsen, Erik Stern, Gary Bisig, Gary Sexton, Jason Bernard, Frankie Hill, Jesse D. Goins, Alan Blumenfeld, Len Lawson, Maury Chaykin, Eddie Deezen, Stephen Lee, Lucinda Crosby, Stack Pierce, Art LaFleur, Brad David, Martha Shaw, Howie Allen, Michael Adams, James Ackerman, Jim Harriott, Tom Lawrence, Frances E. Nealy, Charles Akins, Glenn Standifer, Edward Jahnke, Paul V. Picerni Jr., William H. Macy
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