“WarGames” quotes

Movie WarGames
Title WarGames
Year 1983
Director John Badham
Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller
Plot – David has a great passion: the computer. He uses it for everything, as well as to raise his and his friend Jennifer's poor school marks. One day he connects with Joshua, a Defense employee who invites him to play a nuclear war game. David, ignoring the man's real identity, accepts the challenge but soon he realizes he has to stop playing because he understands Joshua wants to undermine the entire defense system. David is arrested by the FBI and in vain tries to explain that he isn't a spy, meanwhile the computer is preparing to launch a lot of missiles.
All actors – Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Ally Sheedy, Barry Corbin, Juanin Clay, Kent Williams, Dennis Lipscomb, Joe Dorsey, Irving Metzman, Michael Ensign, William Bogert, Susan Davis, James Tolkan, David Clover, Drew Snyder, John Garber, Duncan Wilmore, Billy Ray Sharkey, John Spencer, Michael Madsen, Erik Stern, Gary Bisig, Gary Sexton, Jason Bernard, Frankie Hill, Jesse D. Goins, Alan Blumenfeld, Len Lawson, Maury Chaykin, Eddie Deezen, Stephen Lee, Lucinda Crosby, Stack Pierce, Art LaFleur, Brad David, Martha Shaw, Howie Allen, Michael Adams, James Ackerman, Jim Harriott, Tom Lawrence, Frances E. Nealy, Charles Akins, Glenn Standifer, Edward Jahnke, Paul V. Picerni Jr., William H. Macy
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  • “- Stephen Falken: The whole point was to find a way to practicenuclear war without destroying ourselves. To get the computers to learn from mistakes we couldn't afford to make. Except, I never could get Joshua to learn the most important lesson.
    - David Lightman: What's that?
    - Stephen Falken: Futility. That there's a time when you should just...” (continue)
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    John Wood - Falken
    Matthew Broderick - David
  • “- Stephen Falken: Are either of you paleontologists? I'm in desperate need of a paleontologist.
    - Jennifer: No, we're high school students.
    - Stephen Falken: Pity.”

    John Wood - Falken
    Ally Sheedy - Jennifer
  • “- Joshua: I should reach Defcon 1 and release my missiles in 28 hours. Would you like to see some projected kill ratios?
    - David Lightman: 69% of the housing destroyed. 72 million people dead. Is this a game or is it real?
    - Joshua: What's the difference?”

    James Ackerman - Joshua
    Matthew Broderick - David
    [Tag:death, game, reality]
  • “- General Beringer: Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks.
    - McKittrick: I don't have to take that, you pig-eyed sack of shit.
    - General Beringer: Oh, I was hoping for something a little better than that from you, sir. A man of your education.”

    Barry Corbin - General Beringer
    Dabney Coleman - McKittrick
    [Tag:anger, defense, scorn]
  • “- 1st Lieutenant Steve Phelps: That's not the correct procedure...
    - Captain Jerry Lawson: Screw the procedure, I want somebody on the goddamn phone before I kill 20 million people!”

    Michael Madsen - Steve
    John Spencer - Jerry
    [Tag:risk, rules, war]
  • - Mr. Lightman: Have you ever heard of the word "tumulus"?
    - Jennifer: Tumulus? No, I haven't. Sorry.
    - Mr. Lightman: Neither have I.

    William Bogert - Mr. Lightman
    Ally Sheedy - Jennifer
  • “- Stephen Falken: I've planned ahead. We're just three miles from a primary target. A millisecond of brilliant light and we're vaporized. Much more fortunate than millions who wander sightless through the smoldering aftermath. We'll be spared the horror of survival.
    - Jennifer: I'm only 17 years old. I'm not ready to die yet.”

    John Wood - Falken
    Ally Sheedy - Jennifer
    [Tag:death, survival, youth]
  • “I don't believe that any system is totally secure.”
    Matthew Broderick - David
  • - McKittrick: "Defcon". That indicates our current defense condition. It should read "Defcon 5", which means peace. It's still on 4 because of that little stunt you pulled. Actually, if we hadn't caught it in time, it might have gone to Defcon 1. You know what that means, David?
    - David Lightman: No. What does that mean?
    - McKittrick: World War... (continue)
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    Dabney Coleman - McKittrick
    Matthew Broderick - David
  • “- Mr. Lightman: This corn is raw!
    - Mrs. Lightman: I know, isn't it wonderful? It's so crisp!
    - Mr. Lightman: Of course it's crisp! It's raw!
    - Mrs. Lightman: No, it's terrific. You can just taste the Vitamin A and E in here. It's great.
    - Mr. Lightman: Could we have pills and cook the corn?”

    William Bogert - Mr. Lightman
    Susan Davis - Mrs. Lightman
    [Tag:disgust, food]
  • “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”

    James Ackerman - Joshua
    [Tag:atomic bomb, game, war]
  • “- David Lightman: I can't swim.
    - Jennifer: You can't swim?
    - David Lightman: No, I can't, okay? Wonder Woman, I can't swim!
    - Jennifer: Well, what kind of an asshole grows up in Seattle and doesn't even know how to swim?”

    Matthew Broderick - David
    Ally Sheedy - Jennifer
    [Tag:ability, swimming]
  • “- David Lightman: Joshua called me.
    - McKittrick: David, computers don't call people!
    - David Lightman: Yours did.”

    Matthew Broderick - David
    Dabney Coleman - McKittrick
    [Tag:computer, will]
  • “What he did was great! He designed his computer so that it could learn from its own mistakes. So, they'd be better the next time they played. The system actually learned how to learn. It could teach itself!”
    Matthew Broderick - David
  • “The WOPR spends all it's time thinking about World War III. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, it plays an endless series of WarGames using all available information on the state of the world. The WOPR has already fought World War III as a game time and time again. It estimates Soviet responses to our responses to their responses and so...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Irving Metzman - Richter
  • “- Stephen Falken: Did you ever play tic-tac-toe?
    - Jennifer: Yeah, of course.
    - Stephen Falken: But you don't anymore.
    - Jennifer: No.
    - Stephen Falken: Why?
    - Jennifer: Because it's a boring game. It's always a tie.
    - Stephen Falken: Exactly. There's no way to win. The game itself is pointless! But back at the war room, they believe you can win...” (continue)
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    John Wood - Falken
    Ally Sheedy - Jennifer
    [Tag:boredom, game, war]
  • “- David Lightman: What is the primary goal?
    - Joshua: You should know, Professor. You programmed me.
    - David Lightman: Oh, come on. What is the primary goal?
    - Joshua: To win the game.”

    Matthew Broderick - David
    James Ackerman - Joshua
    [Tag:goals, war, winning]
  • “Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent race of animals that dominated the world through age after age. They ran, they swam, and they fought and they flew, until suddenly, quite recently, they disappeared. Nature just gave up and started again. We weren't even apes then. We were just these smart little rodents hiding in the rocks. And when...” (continue)(continue reading)
    John Wood - Falken
  • “I wouldn't trust this overgrown pile of microchips any further than I can throw it.”
    Barry Corbin - General Beringer
  • “I loved it when you nuked Las Vegas. Suitably biblical ending to the place, don't you think?”
    John Wood - Falken
  • “- Jennifer: He wasn't very old.
    - David Lightman: No, he was pretty old. He was 41.
    - Jennifer: Oh yeah? Oh, that's old.”

    Ally Sheedy - Jennifer
    Matthew Broderick - David
    [Tag:old age]
  • “- Captain Knewt: Sergeant, I hope you like vodka.
    - Radar Analyst Kirkland: Yes, sir. I just hope they don't make me eat none of them damn fish eggs.”

    Jason Bernard - Captain Knewt
    Billy Ray Sharkey - Radar Analyst
  • “- McKittrick: There's no way that a high school punk can put a dime into a telephone and break into our system! He's got to be working with somebody else. He's got to be!
    - Wigan: He does fit the profile perfectly. He's intelligent, an underachiever, alienated from his parents, has few friends. A classic case for recruitment by the Soviets.”

    Dabney Coleman - McKittrick
    James Tolkan - Wigan
  • “- Mr. Liggett: Lightman, maybe you could tell us who first suggested the idea of reproduction without sex.
    - David Lightman: Umm... Your wife?
    - Mr. Liggett: Get out, Lightman. Get out.”

    Alan Blumenfeld - Mr. Liggett
    Matthew Broderick - David
    [Tag:sex, wife]
  • “General, do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation, using so many missiles, bombers, and subs so that we would have no choice but to totally annihilate them? General, you are listening to a machine! Do the world a favor and don't act like one.”
    John Wood - Falken