• “- Father Strapovic: You feel threatened by Theresa.
    - Rose Muldoon: Threatened?
    - Father Strapovic: Yes. See, she's taking up a lot of Danny's time, so you're feeling threatened that she's trying to steal your son.
    - Rose Muldoon: What?
    - Father Strapovic: Rose, I know you realize it's the nineties, I'm just not sure you realize it's the 'nineteen' nineties.”

    Marvin J. McIntyre - Father Strapovic
    Maureen O'Hara - Rose Muldoon
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10/18/02 at 7:53 PM
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  • “- Vic Damico: Tell Gerald, that if he touches my son again, I'll kill him.
    - Grace Damico: Really. It was nothing more than a tap. And Jed was being very rude.
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  • “- Documentarian: Do you think that most people would say that teenage beauty pageants are a good idea?
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