“Best in Show” quotes

Movie Best in Show
Title Best in Show
Year 2000
Director Christopher Guest
Genre Comedy
Plot – A number of people living in various States answer the questions of an interviewer. They are Harlan, owner of a fishing shop; the Swan couple; Gerry, a traveling salesman who has two left feet and his wife Cookie, a former waitress with a lively past; a gay couple that is always bubbly; a blonde with a quiet, very old husband and a girl who follows her closely. What these people have in common is the fact that all of them speak about their dogs and they are all going to New York to the Mayflower Dog Show, the most important canine competition of the year. Once there, one goes to the hotel and remains in his room because of the excessive excitement; another speaks in the hall; another sits on the stands and yet another one thinks there is always something missing. Excitement is in the air when the show starts, commented on by a television speaker that says he knows nothing about the subject and makes nonsensical comments, together with a so-called 'expert'.
All actors – Jay Brazeau, Parker Posey, Michael Hitchcock, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Carrie Aizley, Lewis Arquette, Dany Canino, Bob Balaban, Will Sasso, Stephen E. Miller, Christopher Guest
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