• “- Felix: These wise guys are lost!
    - Deborah: Wise men don't get lost, Felix.
    - Felix: So you're saying they know where this birthday party is?
    - Cyrus: And what makes you so certain it's a birthday party?
    - Deborah: Oh, here we go.
    - Felix: Have you seen the presents these guys are bringing? Gold? Myrrh? Frankincense?
    - Cyrus: Could be a baby shower. You bring presents to a baby shower.
    - Felix: Baby shower? What's a baby going to do with frankincense, silly camel? It's a birthday party!”

    talking about the Wise Men

    Tracy Morgan - Felix
    Oprah Winfrey - Deborah
    Tyler Perry - Cyrus
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10/9/18 at 9:26 PM
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