• “- Felix: What? What in the shit is happening?
    - Charlie: It’s an end game, man.
    - Cheryl: I’m sorry, what?
    - Charlie: The end game. Humanity has been judged, and we’ve been found wanting.
    - Lucy: Judged by who?
    - Charlie: They go by different names, right? You got world religion and mythology that’s full of mentions of demons or spirit creatures. People who’ve actually seen these creatures almost always describe their encounter as this, as with an entity that takes on a form of your worst fears, or your deepest sadness, or your greatest loss.”

    Machine Gun Kelly - Felix
    Lil Rel Howery - Charlie
    Jacki Weaver - Cheryl
    Rosa Salazar - Lucy
Quote details Movie (Bird Box)

8/14/19 at 12:01 AM
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