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12/29/16 at 7:26 PM
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  • “- Idgie Threadgoode: It's a boy!
    - Reverend Scroggins: I think a little prayer of thanksgiving would be in order.
    - Idgie Threadgoode: God dammit to hell, son of a bitch, she did it! Here's to Ruth.”

    Mary Stuart Masterson - Idgie Threadgoode
    Richard Riehle - Reverend Scroggins
    [Tag:birth, insult, prayer]
  • “Oh Lord, please don't burn us, don't grill or toast your flock, don't put us on the barbecue, or simmer us in stock, don't braise or bake or boil us, or stir-fry us in a wok. Oh please don't lightly poach us, or baste us with hot fat, don't fricassee or roast us, or boil us in a vat. And please don't stick thy servants Lord, in a rotissomat.”

    Michael Palin - Chaplain
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  • “Mother Night, fold your dark arms about me. Protect me in your black embrace.”
    Tim Curry - Darkness
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  • “- Hannah Wald: I'm sorry, can someone else please run the board? It's creepy, it's wrong, and it goes against the teachings of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    - Kansas Hill: Hannah, in order to get real answers from the Netherworld, you've gotta have a Christian virgin run the board. Your kind is pure of heart, the devil won't dick with you.”

    Rachel Blanchard - Hannah Wald
    Mena Suvari - Kansas Hill
    [Tag:devil, prayer, purity]
  • “You pray to your God. And I'll pray to mine.”
    Ioan Gruffudd - Solomon Levinsky
    [Tag:god, prayer]