• “I'm looking for a few good men... and women. Who aren't afraid of hard work. Aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves. I'm looking for scrappers, hustlers, guys that are willing to roll up their sleeves. They're livin' on drive, they got a little fire in their belly. I stand right here before you today, I'm gonna offer you something as precious as gold. And you know what that is? Anybody? Anybody? Opportunity. It's opportunity. Opportunity. Opportunity to advance, to move forward, to move up, to advance... To succeed. To win. To step up. The sky's the limit. The sky is the limit.”
    Michael Keaton - Ray Kroc
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3/5/19 at 2:31 AM
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  • “- Harry Monroe: Tell me about the job opportunity.
    - Skip Donahue: It's in banking.
    - Harry Monroe: I don't know a darn thing about banking.
    - Skip Donahue: We don't have to know anything about banking. I've sold the manager on a new promotion idea.”

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  • “- Ray Barboni's Bodyguard: This man is the man, you understand what I'm saying, motherfucker? He's Mister Bones. And you speak to Mister Bones from now on.
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  • “- Sir Mason Harwood: Just be patient, your opportunity will come in due time.
    - Margaret Harwood: So it's now, then?
    - Sir Mason Harwood: When you're ready, dear!
    - Margaret Harwood: That's what I thought you'd say. This is my resignation.”

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  • “- Clive Rooney: You've had a huge success with this romance novel of yours. What'd you do? Pulling over at truck stops, jotting it down on paper napkins?
    - Jack Willis: Yeah, pretty much, I was, actually.”

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  • “- Maria: How many jobs did you have?
    - Larry: I don't know. A lot. I change every two or three years. If it looks like I might be successful. I move on.
    - Maria: You don't want to be successful?
    - Larry: I want to be happy.”

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