• “Well, someone's got to break the ice, and it might as well be me. I mean, I'm used to being a hostess, it's part of my husband's work. And it's always difficult when a group of new friends meet together for the first time, to get acquainted. So I'm perfectly prepared to start the ball rolling. I mean, I-I have absolutely no idea what we're doing here. Or what I'm doing here, or what this place is about, but I am determined to enjoy myself. And I'm very intrigued, and, oh my, this soup's delicious, isn't it?”
    Eileen Brennan - Mrs. Peacock
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12/26/14 at 9:20 PM
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on 28/06/2019 at 00:19 commented:
I think it's both funny the way the other guests looks on their faces are. But I think that Mrs. Peacock is annoying.
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