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1/14/20 at 12:01 AM
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  • “- Young Student: You can't stop it, can you? Even if you wanted to. Because it's not you, it's the system. The system won't let you stop it.
    - Richard M. Nixon: There's... there's more at stake here than what you want, or what I want.
    - Young Student: Then what's the point? What's the point of being President? You're powerless!”

    Joanna Going - Young Student
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Richard M. Nixon
    [Tag:power, presidency, war]
  • “- Parmenion: He never lusted for war, Alexander, or enjoyed it so. He consulted his peers in council, among equals! The Macedonian way. He didn't make decisions based on his personal desires.
    - Alexander: I've taken us further than my father ever dreamed! Old man, we're in knew worlds.”

    John Kavanagh - Parmenion
    Colin Farrell - Alexander
    [Tag:democracy, power, war]
  • “I have to tell you, I have some real problems with this whole thing despite how much we need it. I'm concerned that too much power will end up in the hands of too few. It's always in somebody's best interest to promote enemies real or imagined.”

    Robert De Niro - Bill Sullivan
    [Tag:interests, power, war]
  • “- Joseph Pulitzer: Know what I was doing at your age, boy? I was in a war. The Civil War.
    - Jack Kelly: Yeah, I heard of it. So, did you win?
    - Joseph Pulitzer: People think war is about right or wrong and not power.
    - Jack Kelly: Yeah, I heard of that too. I don't just sell your papes, Joe. Sometime I read 'em.”

    Robert Duvall - Joseph Pulitzer
    Christian Bale - Jack Kelly
    [Tag:justice, power, war]
  • “The uses of information, disinformation, and how their use is ultimately... power. They have agreed to open up their operations to us, they can't win the war without us, but they don't really want us here... Intelligence is their mother's milk, and they don't like sharing the royal tit with people that don't have titles.”

    William Hurt - Philip Allen
    [Tag:power, secrets, war]