“The Good Shepherd” quotes

Movie The Good Shepherd
Robert De Niro directed this movie in 2006
Title The Good Shepherd
Year 2006
Director Robert De Niro
Genre Drama, History, Thriller
All actors – Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Tammy Blanchard, Billy Crudup, Robert De Niro, Keir Dullea, Michael Gambon, Martina Gedeck, William Hurt, Timothy Hutton, Mark Ivanir, Gabriel Macht, Lee Pace, Joe Pesci, Eddie Redmayne, John Sessions, Oleg Shtefanko, John Turturro, Yelena Shmulenson, Jack Martin, Anne-Marie Cusson, Robert Bermudez Cordell, David Crommett, Michael Arden, Justin Bohon, Justin Daniel, Michael Flanigan, John Hill, Will Reynolds, Michael Seelbach, Ryan Michael Shaw, Stephen Powell, Henry Gummer, Gregory Marcel, Austin Williams, Sophie Sutton, Lars Gerhard, Tessa Keimes, Peter Kybart, Rob Barnes, Lee Bryant, Laila Robins, Redman Maxfield, John Whitehead, Jeff Skowron, Meredith Deacon, Josh Casaubon, Christopher Evan Welch, Tuc Watkins, Leonard Logsdail, Eric Lindh, Trace Taylor, Amanda Barron, James Faulkner, Robert Ian Mackenzie, Dieter Riesle, Sándor Técsy, Tommy Nelson, Greg Plitt, Marcos Cohen, Jeff Applegate, Jon Monett, Sandee Conrad, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Susan Haskell, Sjoerd Dejong, Neal Huff, Jason Butler Harner, Amy Wright, Matthew Humphreys, Karron Graves, Robert C. Kirk, Reathel Bean, Jerry Coyle, Wally Dunn, Roger Rathburn, Michael Melvoin, Glenn Kalison, John Knox, Benjamin Eakeley, Gino Cafarelli, Tommy DeVito, Stefanie Nava, Isabella Cimato, Jimmy Marchese, Robert Prescott, Bill McHugh, Ann Hampton Callaway, Christopher Druckman, Liya Kebede, John Henry, Brad Fleischer, Alexander Suder, Will Blomker, Carl Burrows, Laura Butler, Frank Cadillac, Pete Carmen, Cuyle Carvin, Fidel Castro, Dominick Cicco, Scot Cregan, Ed Cuffe, Robert Dearle, Yevgeniy Dekhtyar, Brandon deSpain, Todd Detwiler, Jonah Falcon, John Farrer, Roy William Gardner, Turi Haim, Darryl Reuben Hall, Nyasha Hatendi, Adolf Hitler, Katherine Hoskins Mackey, Hristo Hristov, John F. Kennedy, Vladislav Kozlov, Aaron Michael Lacey, Matt Leisy, Orest Ludwig, Josh Pence, Nick Poltoranin, Mark Pomirtchi, Justin Restivo, James Lloyd Reynolds, Drew Seltzer, Reyna Shaskan, Diana Shneider, Leonard Silver, Tomasz Smolarski, Christopher Stadulis, Rick Voight, Alec Von Bargen, John Wernke, Shana Wiersum, Frank C. Williams, Jeremy Woods, Danny Zaccagnino
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  • “Good order, very precise, feeling of the unknown. Fine poetry is the music of mathematics, numbers, singing. You have to look behind the words to understand their meaning.”

    Sir Michael Gambon - Dr. Fredericks
  • “The sound of the gunshot was very different from the sound of the fireworks and even at six years old I knew that was a big, big difference. And there was a lot of blood. And in his left hand he held a note that was sealed. I don't know why, but I took the note and I put it in my pocket. I always said it was an accident. It wasn't an accident....” (continue)(continue reading)

    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
  • “You know who gave Hitler his power? The clerks and the bookkeepers, the civil servants. I have this one weakness: I believe in a just God. I always seem to err on the side of democracy. No matter what anyone tells you there'll be no one you can really trust. I'm afraid when all is said and done we're all just clerks too.”

    Robert De Niro - Bill Sullivan
    [Tag:mistake, power, trust]
  • I remember a senator once asked me. When we talk about "CIA" why we never use the word "the" in front of it. And I asked him, do you put the word "the" in front of "God"?
    Lee Pace - Richard Hayes
  • “The uses of information, disinformation, and how their use is ultimately... power. They have agreed to open up their operations to us, they can't win the war without us, but they don't really want us here... Intelligence is their mother's milk, and they don't like sharing the royal tit with people that don't have titles.”

    William Hurt - Philip Allen
    [Tag:power, secrets, war]
  • “- Ulysses: When I was a soldier, my fingers were frost-bitten. Since then, when I get cold there is a pain.
    - Edward Wilson: Maybe you shouldn't live in Russia.”

    Oleg Shtefanko - Ulysses
    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
    [Tag:cold, pain, soldiers]
  • “- Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something... we Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music. What about your people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?
    - Edward Wilson: The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.”

    Joe Pesci - Joseph Palmi
    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
    [Tag:america, values]
  • “- Edward Wilson: If we continue down this road, there will be a third world war. I dont think either of us wants a real war.
    - Ulysses: What would you do for a living then?”

    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
    Oleg Shtefanko - Ulysses
    [Tag:job, war]
  • “Everything that seems clear is bent. And everything that seems bent is clear. Trapped in reflections, you must learn to recognize when a lie masquerades as the truth, and then deal with it efficiently, dispassionately.”
    Sir Michael Gambon - Dr. Fredericks
  • “- Edward Wilson: I could take the government off your back if you could help us.
    - Joseph Palmi: You're the guys that scare me. You're the people that make big wars.
    - Edward Wilson: No, we make sure the wars are small ones, Mr. Palmi.”

    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
    Joe Pesci - Joseph Palmi
    [Tag:fear, government, war]
  • “- Edward Wilson: You are never to tell anyone what it is that I do!
    - Margaret 'Clover' Russell: What you do? I don't know what you do! You leave at five, you're home at ten, seven days a week! I live with a ghost! I don't know anything about you!”

    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
    Angelina Jolie - Margaret 'Clover' Russell
    [Tag:absence, job, living]
  • “- Bill Sullivan: I see this as America's eyes and ears; I don't want it to become its heart and soul. So I told the president for this to work there is going to have to be some kind of civilian oversight.
    - Edward Wilson: Oversight? How can you have a covert organization if you have people looking over your shoulder?”

    Robert De Niro - Bill Sullivan
    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
  • “Soviet power is a myth. Great show. There are no spare parts. Nothing is working, nothing, it's nothing but painted rust. But you, you need to keep the Russian myth alive to maintain your military industrial complex. Your system depends on Russian being perceived as a mortal threat. It's not a threat. It was never a threat. It will never be a...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Mark Ivanir - Valentin Mironov #2
    [Tag:army, enemy, industry]
  • “I'll be looking for patriotic, honorable, bright young men from the right backgrounds to manage the various departments. In other words, no Jews or Negroes, and very few Catholics, and that's only because I'm a Catholic.”
    Robert De Niro - Bill Sullivan
  • “I have to tell you, I have some real problems with this whole thing despite how much we need it. I'm concerned that too much power will end up in the hands of too few. It's always in somebody's best interest to promote enemies real or imagined.”

    Robert De Niro - Bill Sullivan
    [Tag:interests, power, war]
  • “Friends can be enemies, and enemies friends.”
    Oleg Shtefanko - Ulysses
  • “- Edward Wilson: This seems to me to be a problem for the British. Why are we involved?
    - John Russell, Jr.: The British are a particularly civilized people. They don't eat their own. They have somebody do it for them.”

    Matt Damon - Edward Wilson
    Gabriel Macht - John Russell, Jr.
    [Tag:deceit, killing]