“Alien Nation” quotes

Movie Alien Nation
Title Alien Nation
Year 1988
Director Graham Baker
Genre Sci-Fi, Crime, Action
Plot – A large number of aliens capable of adapting to human life and very similar to men were transported to Earth on a huge spaceship from another planet. Since their special qualities make them useful, the aliens are put in a big city where, however, they are viewed with contempt and suspicion by humans. One night during a robbery, police sergeant Matthew Sykes witnesses the murder of his best friend and colleague by some newcomers who then flee and he decides to find out what is behind a robbery that he does not consider ordinary. He therefore asks to work together with the first newcomer detective hired by the police, Sam Francisco, because he thinks that it would be easier for him to find the culprits. The man decides to call his new partner "George" to avoid funny puns and soon learns to appreciate it, despite his initial suspicion. The two discover that behind several recent crimes there is a group of shady newcomers, led by the rich and powerful William Harcourt, who is about to import a dangerous drug to Earth, which is far more terrible than any other known and has already caused the ruin of many aliens. To be the sole owner of this treasure, Harcourt kills its partners, then runs away with the suitcase containing the drugs but engages with Sykes a mortal combat. The policeman finally manages to throw it into the sea, knowing that water is for aliens like nitric acid is for men. The criminal is therefore literally destroyed. At this point, since Sykes is in danger of drowning, George plunges partially into the water and saves him at its own risk. George loses a hand, but now the two policemen, truly friends, can gladly celebrate Sykes' daughter's wedding.
All actors – James Caan, Mandy Patinkin, Terence Stamp, Kevyn Major Howard, Leslie Bevis, Peter Jason, Conrad Dunn, Jeff Kober, Roger Aaron Brown, Tony Simotes, Michael David Simms, Ed Krieger
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