“RoboCop” quotes

Movie RoboCop
Title RoboCop
Year 1987
Director Paul Verhoeven
Genre Sci-Fi, Crime, Action
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Plot – Detroit is beset by gangs of drug addicts, rapists and murderers, so the 'COP' company is producing an armored robot to protect citizens. Its production is very promising and the Vice-President Jones cares about it a lot. During the robot presentation, it jams and accidentally kills a man, but Morton, a clever director and Jones' rival, approves it naming it 'Robocop', introducing in it the body of Murphy, a mutilated agent.
All actors – Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlihy, Ronny Cox, Kurtwood Smith, Miguel Ferrer, Robert DoQui, Ray Wise, Felton Perry, Paul McCrane, Jesse D. Goins, Del Zamora, Calvin Jung, Rick Lieberman, Lee de Broux, Mark Carlton, Edward Edwards, Michael Gregory, Freddie Hice, Neil Summers, Gene Wolande, Gregory Poudevigne, Charles Carroll, Kevin Page, Yolonda Williams, Tyrees Allen, John S. Davies, Laird Stuart, Stephen Berrier, Sage Parker, Karen Radcliffe, Darryl Cox, Jerry Haynes, William Shockley, Donna Keegan, Mike Moroff, Marjorie Rynearson, Jo Livingston, Joan Pirkle, Diane Robin, Adrianne Sachs, Maarten Goslins, Angie Bolling, Jason Levine, S.D. Nemeth, Bill Farmer, Michael Hunter, Spencer Prokop, Debra Zach, L.J. King, David Packer, Leeza Gibbons, Mario Machado, Don 'Tex' Clark, Gilbert B. Combs, Jon Davison, James Field, Allan Graf, Andee Gray, Katie Griffin, Harry Johnson, Randall Oliver, Scott Sligar, James Staszkiel, Paul Verhoeven, Mark Edward Walters
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  • “- Emil M. Antonowsky: Smoke?
    - Dougy: Nah. You know those things'll kill you.
    - Emil: Yeah. D'you wanna live forever?”

    Paul McCrane - Emil M. Antonowsky
    Neil Summers - Dougy
  • “- Dougy: We keep robbin' banks but we never get to keep the money.
    - Emil M. Antonowsky: Takes money to make money. We steal money to buy coke then sell the coke to make even more money. Capital investment, man.
    - Dougy: Yeah, but why bother making it when we can just steal it?
    - Emil M. Antonowsky: No better way to steal money than free...” (continue)
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    Neil Summers - Dougy
    Paul McCrane - Emil M. Antonowsky
    [Tag:crime, drugs, money]
  • Excuse me. I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.”
    Peter Weller - Robocop
  • “Old Detroit has a cancer. The cancer is crime, and it must be cut out before we employ the two million workers that will breathe life into this city again.”
    Dan O'Herlihy - The Old Man
    [Tag:city, crime]
  • Every policeman knows when he joins the force that there are certain inherent risks that come with the territory. Ask any cop, he'll tell ya, "If you can't stand the heat, you better stay out of the kitchen".
    Ronny Cox - Dick Jones
  • “- Robocop: Book him!
    - Sergeant Warren Reed: What's the charge?
    - Robocop: He's a cop killer.”

    Peter Weller - Robocop
    Robert DoQui - Sergeant Warren Reed
    [Tag:crime, killing, police]
  • “- Robocop: Murphy had a wife and son. What happened to them?
    - Officer Anne Lewis: Well, after the funeral... she moved away.
    - Robocop: Where did they go?
    - Officer Anne Lewis: She thought you were dead. She started over again.
    - Robocop: I can feel them... but I can't remember them.”

    Peter Weller - Robocop
    Nancy Allen - Officer Anne Lewis
  • “- Slimey Lawyer: Attempted murder? Well, it's not like he killed someone. This is a clear violation of my client's civil rights.
    - Bail Bondsman: Make it aggravated assault and I can make bail, in cash, now!
    - Sergeant Warren Reed: Listen, pal, your client's a scumbag, you're a scumbag, and scumbags see the judge on Monday morning! Now, get out...” (continue)
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    Gregory Poudevigne - Slimey Lawyer
    Charles Carroll - Bail Bondsman
    Robert DoQui - Sergeant Warren Reed
    [Tag:lawyers, rights]
  • “- Bob Morton: What are your prime directives?
    - Robocop: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law.”

    Miguel Ferrer - Bob Morton
    Peter Weller - Robocop
  • “- Kaplan: I don't like it any more than you do, Reed, but listen.
    - Sergeant Warren Reed: You listen to me, you asshole! You're talking about shutting down a major metropolitan police force! Without cops, this city would tear itself apart!”

    Del Zamora - Kaplan
    Robert DoQui - Sergeant Warren Reed
  • “At Security Concepts, we're projecting the end of crime in Old Detroit within forty days. There's a new guy in town. His name is RoboCop.”
    Miguel Ferrer - Bob Morton
  • “- Dick Jones: Delta City begins construction in two months. That's two million workers living in trailers. That means drugs, gambling, prostitution - virgin territory for the man who knows how to open up new markets. One man could control it all, Clarence.
    - Clarence J. Boddicker: Well, I guess we're gonna be friends after all... Richard.”

    Ronny Cox - Dick Jones
    Kurtwood Smith - Clarence J. Boddicker
  • “- Bob Morton: How does he eat?
    - Roosevelt: His digestive system is extremely simple. This processor dispenses a rudimentary paste that sustains his organic systems.”

    Miguel Ferrer - Bob Morton
    Stephen Berrier - Roosevelt
    [Tag:body, eating, food]