“Bebe's Kids” quotes

Movie Bebe's Kids
Title Bebe's Kids
Year 1992
Director Bruce W. Smith
Genre Comedy, Musical, Fantasy, Animation
All actors – Robin Harris, Faizon Love, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Wayne Collins, Jonell Green, Marques Houston, Tone Loc, Myra J., Nell Carter, John Witherspoon, Chino 'Fats' Williams, Rodney Winfield
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  • “If you don't tell me where your little brother is, I'm gonna beat the black off you, and you're gonna look lighter than Michael Jackson.”
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
  • “- Robin Harris: Excuse me, Miss. I didn't catch your name.
    - Jamika: I didn't throw it.”

    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
    Vanessa Bell Calloway - Jamika
  • “They were eating so fast I had to spit on my food to keep 'em from taking mine.”
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
    [Tag:eating, food]
  • “- Robin Harris: Your mama's so old, she was there the first day of slavery.
    - Dorothea: Your mama's so old, she older than your grandmama.
    - Robin Harris: Your mama's so fat, she own both sides of the family.”

    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
    Myra J. - Dorothea
  • “- Dorothea: That's okay. You mama's so dumb, she thought a quarterback was a refund.
    - Robin Harris: Your mama's so dumb, they told her it was chilly outside, she went inside and got a bowl.”

    Myra J. - Dorothea
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
  • “I got bags big enough under my eyes to carry fifty dollars worth of groceries.”
    Myra J. - Dorothea
  • “- Jamika: Those kids don't stand a chance in that neighborhood.
    - Robin Harris: No, I don't think that neighborhood stands a chance against them kids.”

    Vanessa Bell Calloway - Jamika
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
  • “- Dorothea: No wonder we're not gettin' anywhere! Get some of this food off the boat!
    - Vivian: But I need it to live!”

    Myra J. - Dorothea
    Nell Carter - Vivian
    [Tag:food, survival]
  • “If you tried to phone hell from here, it'd be a local call.”
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
    [Tag:hell, place, telephone]
  • “I am pissed off to the highest level of pissivity.”
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
  • “Each of you must ask yourself: Are we petty, vengeful humans, or logical, moral machines? Then pass judgment.”
    Peter Renaday - President Lincoln
  • “I ain't never been glad to see the cops before. But I was sure happy then. Happier than a runaway slave, papers and all.”
    Faizon Love - Robin Harris
    [Tag:police, slavery]
  • “Please familiarize and observe the rules while in Fun World. No running, no jumping, no yelling, no cutting in line, no grumbling, no stealing. That means you. No breaking things and putting them back like nothing happened. No sad faces, bad attitudes, introspective moments, irritation at the mindless happiness of the masses, and no littering....” (continue)(continue reading)
    Susan Silo - Ticketlady
    [Tag:behavior, rules]