“Risky Business” quotes

Movie Risky Business
Title Risky Business
Year 1983
Director Paul Brickman
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Taking advantage of his parents' trip, Joe, a rampant senior high school student, turns his house into a brothel, helped by the beautiful Lana, who introduces him to the “business”. This of course does not go down well with Lana's protector, who declares war on the two, stealing all the furniture from Joe's house. The boy will be able to get back on top of the situation just a moment before his parents come back.
All actors – Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, Joe Pantoliano, Richard Masur, Bronson Pinchot, Curtis Armstrong, Nicholas Pryor, Janet Carroll, Shera Danese, Raphael Sbarge, Bruce A. Young, Kevin Anderson, Sarah Partridge, Nathan Davis, Scott Harlan, Sheila Keenan, Lucy Harrington, Jerry Tullos, Jerome Landfield, Ron Dean, Bruno Alexander, Robert Kurcz, Jonathan Chapin, Jimmy Baron, Harry Teinowitz, Francine Locke, Ann Cole, Candace Collins, Elizabeth Curran, Jill DeVries, Debra Dulman, Joyce Hazard, Kerry Hill, Megan Mullally, Lora Staley, Vivian Victor, Fern Persons, Cynthia Baker, Wayne Kneeland, Jade Gold, Dana Balkin, Karen Grossman, Brett Baer, Vinny Argiro, Eric Minsk, Mike Genovese, Steven Charous, Jason Gedrick, Anne Lockhart, Robert Minkoff
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