“Clockers” quotes

Movie Clockers
Spike Lee directed this movie in 1995
Title Clockers
Year 1995
Director Spike Lee
Genre Drama, Crime, Mystery
Plot – In Brooklyn Ronald Dunham is 19 and is called 'Strike' as he is the leader of a group of young black drug dealers. His boss Rodney Little invites him to get rid of Darryl Adams. Strike talks to his brother Victor about Adams and shortly after Darryl is killed. Tyrone is 12 and is fascinated by Ronald, while Victor turns himself in due to Adams' murder. Detective Rocco Klein is convinced Victor wants to "cover up" his brother Ronald and the agent threatens Strike, until he arrests Rodney making him believe Strike has betrayed him. Strike flees and gives his sister-in-law the bail to get Victor out of prison, but Rodney orders his henchman Harold to eliminate Strike but he's killed by Tyrone. While Rocco helps Tyrone minimizing his penalty, agent André beats up Ronald who's still fleeing from Rodney. He takes refuge in the police station, where Victor's mother confirms he's Adams' killer. Rocco brings Strike to the train station and tells him to not come back anymore.
All actors – Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Phifer, Isaiah Washington, Keith David, Peewee Love, Regina Taylor, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Elvis Nolasco, Lawrence B. Adisa, Hassan Johnson, Frances Foster, Michael Imperioli, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Paul Calderon, Brendan Kelly, Mike Starr, Graham Brown, Steve White, Spike Lee, Shawn McLean, Arthur J. Nascarella, Harry Lennix, Bray Poor, Craig McNulty, Christopher Wynkoop, Paul Schulze, Donald Stephenson, John Fletcher, J.C. MacKenzie, David Evanson, Norman Matlock, Isaac Fowler, Leonard L. Thomas, Maurice Sneed, Calvin Hart, Ginny Yang, Michael Badalucco, Rick Aiello, Scot Anthony Robinson, Richard Ziman, David Batiste, Mar'qus Sample, Mar'rece Sample, Ron Brice, Ken Garito, Anthony Nocerino, Brian Konowal, Michael McGruther, Carlo Vogel, Harvey Williams, Michael Cullen, Tim Kelleher, Skipp Sudduth, Larry Mullane, Patrick Ferraro, L.B. Williams, Jeff Ward, Ronda Fowler, Hal Sherman, Marc Webster, James Saxenmeyer, Paul DuBois, Jordan Brown, Michael Marchetta, Joanna Gardner, Mark Howard, Michael Shepherd, Gerald King, Ronta Davis, Lord Kayson, Orran Farmer, Wayne Muhammed, Martin Jaffe, Freddie Velez, Brother Eden Douglas
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  • “If God created anything better than crack cocaine he kept that shit for himself.”
    Delroy Lindo - Rodney Little
    [Tag:drugs, god]
  • “You even glance in the direction of that little kid Tyrone, and I'm a fuck you up so bad you're gonna wish I had killed you.”

    Keith David - André the Giant
  • “- Det. Rocco Klein: Errol. I thought you were dead.
    - Errol Barnes: I was. I came back.”

    Harvey Keitel - Det. Rocco Klein
    Thomas Jefferson Byrd - Errol Barnes
    [Tag:conviction, death]
  • “Open yo mouth, nigga. Now you feel that? I'll put this gun in yo bad-breaf-smellin' mouth and I will pull the trigger. And I will splatter what little motherfuckin' brains you got all over the Corinthian leather interior of my car! And this my wife's brand new car, so you know I don't give a fuck. You understand me? Do you understand me, bitch?”

    Delroy Lindo - Rodney Little
  • My old man... was a preacher. And when I started messin' with this shit, he said, "you gonna pay for that. You gonna pay for that shit, boy". He was right. You can't cheat this shit no... mo'.
    Thomas Jefferson Byrd - Errol Barnes
  • “- Rodney Little: Rocco Klein... Rocco Klein, you know, I've always wanted to ask you... you Italian, you a jew? I mean, what are you? You can't make up your mind?
    - Det. Rocco Klein: Me?
    - Rodney Little: Yeah, you.
    - Det. Rocco Klein: I'm from the lost black tribe of Israel, the Yos.”

    Delroy Lindo - Rodney Little
    Harvey Keitel - Det. Rocco Klein
    [Tag:ethnicity, jews]