“Menace II Society” quotes

Movie Menace II Society
Title Menace II Society
Year 1993
Directors Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
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Plot – Watts, California. During the black ghetto insurrection of 1965, Caine loses his entire family: his father is murdered and his mother overdoses. In 1993 the boy lives with his grandfather, he's a drug dealer like his father and he doesn't go to school. In a distillery, his friend O-Dog kills the owners and keeps the recording of the gunfire to show it to his friends. Wounded by a rival gang, Caine has his revenge and kills in turn a guy. This murder is just the first one of his criminal life.
All actors – Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate, June Kyoto Lu, Toshi Toda, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Johnson, Brandon Hammond, Glenn Plummer, Reginald Ballard, Khandi Alexander, Eugene Lee, James Pickens Jr.
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  • “You know you done fucked up, don't you? You know it, don't you? You know you done fucked up.”
    Bill Duke - Detective
    [Tag:end, prison]
  • “Now, these motherfuckers smoked your goddamn cousin in front of you nigga, blew his head off in front of your face... and you ain't gonna do shit? You actin like a little bitch right now nigga. Man fuck that, I ain't goin’ to let that shit ride. We goin’ to go over there and smoke all these motherfuckers, I don't care who the fucks out there......” (continue)(continue reading)
    Larenz Tate - O-Dog
  • “- Basehead: Come on, man. I'll suck your dick, man.
    - O-Dog: The fuck you just said?
    - Basehead: I said I'll suck your dick, man. Come on now.
    - O-Dog: [shoots Basehead] Suck on that, you bitch-ass trick.”

    Dwayne Barnes - Basehead
    Larenz Tate - O-Dog
  • “O-Dog was the craziest nigga alive. America's nightmare: young, black, and didn't give a fuck.”
    Tyrin Turner - Caine
  • “- Grocery Store Man: I feel sorry for your mother.
    - O-Dog: What'd you say about my mama?”

    Toshi Toda - Grocery Store Man
    Larenz Tate - O-Dog
  • “Went into the store just to get a beer. Came out an accessory to murder and armed robbery. It's funny like that in the hood sometimes. You never knew what was gonna happen, or when. After that I knew it was gonna be a long summer.”
    Tyrin Turner - Caine
  • “The fuck you mean you ain't got my money yet? The fuck you mean you don't got my money yet? You best pay me my motherfuckin' money.”
    Samuel L. Jackson - Tat Lawson
    [Tag:cards, debt, money]
  • “You all acting like some motherfucking bitches! Scared to peel these punk-ass niggas cap! Man, gimme my motherfucking joint nigga!”
    MC Eiht - A-Wax
    [Tag:anxiety, fear, killing]