“Monkey Business” quotes

Movie Monkey Business
Howard Hawks directed this movie in 1952
Title Monkey Business
Year 1952
Director Howard Hawks
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy
Plot – Dr. Barnaby Fulton is a young chemist who works in a big company. He believes he has found the elixir of youth as one of his chimpanzees confirms it. One morning the chimpanzee exits his cage and touches the bottles, then he throws the elixir in the drinking water tank. Later Fulton drinks the water and the effects are portentous: the dreamy scientist turns into an exuberant young guy. Even Fulton's wife drinks the water and so many other people do the same, but unfortunately the tank empties soon.
All actors – Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn, Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Marlowe, Henri Letondal, Robert Cornthwaite, Larry Keating, Douglas Spencer, Esther Dale, George Winslow, Charlotte Austin, Harry Bartell, Faire Binney, Harry Carey Jr., Olive Carey, Harry Carter, Ronnie Clark, Russ Clark, Heinie Conklin, George Eldredge, Kathleen Freeman, Terry Goodman, Dabbs Greer, Howard Hawks, Marjorie Holliday, Rudy Lee, Louis Lettieri, Mickey Little, Emmett Lynn, Paul Maxey, John McKee, Bill McLean, Joseph Mell, Christopher Milne, Jonathan Milne, Nico Minardos, Ray Montgomery, Roger Moore, Brad Morrow, Forbes Murray, Robert Nichols, Jerry Paris, Melinda Plowman, Maudie Prickett, Jimmy Roebuck, Harry Seymour, Jerry Sheldon, Olan Soule, Gil Stratton, Ruth Warren, Mack Williams, Isabel Withers
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