“New Waterford Girl” quotes

Movie New Waterford Girl
Title New Waterford Girl
Year 1999
Director Allan Moyle
Genre Comedy
All actors – Liane Balaban, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Mary Walsh, Nicholas Campbell, Cathy Moriarty, Andrew McCarthy, Darren Keay, Kevin Curran, Krista MacDonald, Cassie MacDonald, Adrien Dixon, Patrick Joyce
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  • “Since everyone in town realized that Patty wasn't just larding up from French fries, he had no choice.”

    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
  • “- Betty-Anne Pottie: There is some things you have to know if you're finally start going out.
    - Moonie Pottie: That's okay.
    - Betty-Anne Pottie: Listen to me. If a guy says it's his belt buckle poking you, it isn't. It's something else.”

    Krista MacDonald - Betty-Anne Pottie
    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
  • “- Moonie Pottie: I can't go.
    - Cecil Sweeney: Why not?
    - Moonie Pottie: It's breaking their hearts.
    - Cecil Sweeney: That's normal.
    - Moonie Pottie: Not for me, it isn't.”

    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
    Andrew McCarthy - Cecil Sweeney
  • “The Hudson River is filled with piss, cola, and sludge, ok? There's hardly any water in it.”
    Tara Spencer-Nairn - Lou Benzoa
    [Tag:pollution, rivers]
  • “- Moonie Pottie: Why can't I just be alone?
    - Francis Pottie: All right, Moonei, go to your room!
    - Moonie Pottie: I don't have a room! I sleep in the hall, remember?”

    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
    Nicholas Campbell - Francis Pottie
    [Tag:bed, house, solitude]
  • “- Cecil Sweeney: I'm the guy living in a trailer, no one will listen to me.
    - Moonie Pottie: What's the matter with you?
    - Cecil Sweeney: Nothing! This is just me when I'm not in school.”

    Andrew McCarthy - Cecil Sweeney
    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
  • “- Cecil Sweeney: My house. Do you think this is a sign?
    - Lou Benzoa: Yeah, it's a sign your house is gone.”

    Andrew McCarthy - Cecil Sweeney
    Tara Spencer-Nairn - Lou Benzoa
  • “Ask me anything. I know all the street-names. I know how to reuse a tea bag. I know what they do up number eleven. I know how to beat the crap out of someone. I know all about God's country. Ask me anything.”
    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
  • “- Cecil Sweeney: It's time everyone know the truth, eh?
    - Moonie Pottie: What?
    - Cecil Sweeney: Are you going to kiss me like a hero or what?”

    Andrew McCarthy - Cecil Sweeney
    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
    [Tag:awareness, kiss, love]
  • “I wasn't really born here, you know. When I was a tiny infant, my real mother, a famous operasinger, dropped me from a silver jet as she passed over what she saw as a beautiful tropical coastline. God's country.”
    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie
  • “You know, I developed alcoholism early on, actually.”
    Andrew McCarthy - Cecil Sweeney
  • “- Cecil Sweeney: What'll happen to me if you go?
    - Moonie Pottie: You'll have to live your own life, I guess.
    - Cecil Sweeney: You know that I'm in love with you?
    - Moonie Pottie: Talk to me when you grow up!”

    Andrew McCarthy - Cecil Sweeney
    Liane Balaban - Moonie Pottie