“The Old Man & the Gun” quotes

Movie The Old Man & the Gun
Title The Old Man & the Gun
Year 2018
Director David Lowery
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – The movie tells the true story of Forrest Tucker, from his escape from San Quentin's when he was 70 years old to the many robberies that excited the public opinion. Other people are involved in this story, among them are John Hunt, a detective facinated by Tucker, and a woman, who loves the criminal despite his profession.
All actors – Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck, Danny Glover, Tom Waits, Tika Sumpter, Ari Elizabeth Johnson, Teagan Johnson, Gene Jones, John David Washington, Barlow Jacobs, Augustine Frizzell, Jennifer Joplin, Lisa DeRoberts, Carter Bratton, Mike Dennis, Tomas Deckaj, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Patrick Newall, Daniel Britt, Leah Roberts, Elisabeth Moss, Alphaeus Green Jr., Kevin McClatchy, Keith Carradine, Todd Covert, Kenneisha Thompson, Robert Longstreet, John Wayne Hunt, Clara Harris, Jordan Trovillion, Derek Snow, Barry Mulholland, Annie Fitzpatrick, J. Todd Anderson, Torie Wiggins, Annell Brodeur, Toby Halbrooks, Christine Dye, Tom Lepera, Warren Bryson, Kelly Mengelkoch, Asher Parran, Kyndra Jefferies, Kay Geiger, Nathan Neorr, Dennis J. Barket, Cody Gilbert, Larry Jack Dotson, Pam Dougherty, Marissa Woolf, Todd Terry, Sydney Benter, Allen Warchol, Chris Hahn, Amber Shana Williams, Krzysztof Abbas, Joseph L. Allen, Felicia Andes, Mark Angel, Aqeel Ash-Shakoor, Michael Lee Bailey, Denise Barone, Judy McQueen Bauer, Anita Farmer Bergman, Rick Blodgett, Victoria Borbridge, John E. Brownlee, Michael W. Bunch, Alejandro Castillo, Austin Caudill, William Cross, Laura Dejean, Jack Michael Doke, Bobby Easley, Shawn P. Farrell, Reese Foster, John French, Tristan Alijah Garcia, Sammy Geroulis, Jason Gerrard, Steve Grieser, Jason Marcus Griffith, John W. Harden, Al Harland, Jennifer Henson, Ray Nicholas Hosack, Angie Kessel, Susan Kile, Kenneth King, Traci Kochendorfer, Paul Kulis, Daniel Lamont, Daniel J. Le Saint, James Luoma, Anita S Martin, Bryan Massey, Joe Merritt, Kalub Mills, Brianna Moreau, Kelly L. Parisi, Tammy Payne, Richard Phillis, David Pittinger, Derek Polen, Charles Poole, Michelle Poole, Aaron Pullins IV, Alec Reeves, Lare Roberts, Steven Schraub, James Siderits, Carly Tamborski, Hickory Taylor, Robert P. Thitoff, Skyler Chase Thomas, Stephanie Trabel, Tom Vallis, Anthony W. Vickers, Steven Terry Walker, Jan Duncan Weir, Dominick Wilkins, Michael G Wirick, John Ziska
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  • “- Jewel: So, uh, what did you say you do?
    - Forrest Tucker: Well that’s a secret.
    - Jewel: And why is that?
    - Forrest Tucker: Well because if I told you, you probably wouldn’t want to see me again.
    - Jewel: Who said I was going to see you again?
    - Forrest Tucker: Would you?”

    Sissy Spacek - Jewel
    Robert Redford - Forrest Tucker
    [Tag:job, secrets]
  • “- Manager #1: He said he was armed.
    - Manager #2: He had a gun.
    - John Hunt: You saw it.
    - Manager #2: Well, he was also sort of a gentleman.”

    Larry Jack Dotson - Manager #1
    Pam Dougherty - Manager #2
    Casey Affleck - John Hunt
    [Tag:kindness, theft]
  • “Old guy with a gun, it’s just kind of a funny story.”
    Daniel Britt - Sheriff
  • - Jewel: 'Cause you think about... ten years from now, where will you be, what'll you be doing? Now, whenever I close the door, I think: "Oh, is this the last time I'll ever have a chance to do whatever that thing was?"
    - Forrest Tucker: You know what I do when the door closes?
    - Jewel: What's that?
    - Forrest Tucker: I jump out the window.

    Sissy Spacek - Jewel
    Robert Redford - Forrest Tucker
  • “- John Hunt: I figured out who he is.
    - Maureen: And?
    - John Hunt: He's a guy... who is old... but used to be young... and he just really loves robbing banks.
    - Maureen: That's it?
    - John Hunt: That's it.
    - Maureen: Just like you're a guy... who's a cop... who's gonna catch him.”

    Casey Affleck - John Hunt
    Tika Sumpter - Maureen
    [Tag:police, theft]
  • If I ever wonder what I'm doing or where I'm going, I just think to myself: "Is that little kid I was when I was just about this tall," I say, "well now, would he have been proud of me?" And if the answer is "no", well then I just keep walking on through. But if the answer is "yes", then I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
    Robert Redford - Forrest Tucker
  • “- Jewel: Do you have any children?
    - Forrest Tucker: I hope not.”

    Sissy Spacek - Jewel
    Robert Redford - Forrest Tucker
    [Tag:children, father]
  • I remember I sat down with him once and I said, "Forrest, surely there's an easier way for somebody in your position to make a living." And he looked at me and he said, "Brother, I'm not talking about making a living. I'm just talking about... living."
    Robert Longstreet - Stephen Beckley, Jr., Esq.
    [Tag:leaving, working]
  • Let's take this place. Say it was a bank and say that counter up there was really a tellers window and you just walk in, look calm and so you just walk up, look her in the eye and you say "Ma'am, this is a robbery" and you show her the gun, like this [makes a gun with his hand] ...and you say "I wouldn't want you to get hurt cause I like you, I... (continue)(continue reading)
    Robert Redford - Forrest Tucker