“Panic” quotes

Movie Panic
Title Panic
Year 2000
Director Henry Bromell
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
All actors – William H. Macy, John Ritter, Neve Campbell, Donald Sutherland, Tracey Ullman, Barbara Bain, David Dorfman, Tina Lifford, Bix Barnaba, Nicholle Tom, Thomas Curtis, Andrea Baker
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  • “- Sammy: Dad, when can I get a guitar?
    - Alex: When you've mastered the harmonica.
    - Sammy: When can I get an electric guitar?
    - Alex: When you've got your own house.”

    David Dorfman - Sammy
    William H. Macy - Alex
    [Tag:desire, music]
  • - Alex: All women are possessive.
    - Sarah Cassidy: All women?
    - Alex: Yeah.
    - Sarah Cassidy: Each and every one the world over?
    - Alex: Sure.
    - Sarah Cassidy: Does the word "enlightenment" ever come your way?
    - Alex: You know a woman who's not possessive?
    - Sarah Cassidy: I'm not possessive. I believe in destiny. Either someone loves you or they... (continue)
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    William H. Macy - Alex
    Neve Campbell - Sarah Cassidy
  • “Every man has a destiny, Alex. Life is not random. The trick is discovering your destiny, knowing it. Once you do that, everything else comes easy... just flows.”
    Donald Sutherland - Michael
  • “That's what they're good at: being fucking sneaky. Who decides what you're gonna' eat tonight? Who decides how much booze you should drink? Who decides what movie you're gonna' go see? Follow my drift, Alex? Women are vipers.”

    Donald Sutherland - Michael
    [Tag:commanding, women]
  • Here are the rules: she never finds out and we never fall in love. Agreed?”

    Neve Campbell - Sarah Cassidy
  • “So your plan is: you have me, you ravish me, you bury your pathetic middle-aged pain in me, and then you say thanks... or maybe you don't... and you leave, and I never see you again? Or, I see you again and again, because I make you feel better, and you can't stand not feeling better. Either way, you finally get your shit together, and you go...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Neve Campbell - Sarah Cassidy
  • “- Sarah Cassidy: I like pussy, alright. Is there anything wrong with that?
    - Dr. Leavitt: Nope.
    - Sarah Cassidy: Then why are you staring at me like I kill people?”

    Neve Campbell - Sarah Cassidy
    Tina Lifford - Dr. Leavitt
  • “I think you're pussy-whipped. Don't feel bad about it. We're all fuckin' pussy-whipped. Women run the world. Don't let anyone tell you different. Women, not men.”
    Donald Sutherland - Michael
    [Tag:commanding, women]