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Movie Saved!
Title Saved!
Year 2004
Director Brian Dannelly
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Mary is a senior at American Eagle Christian High School and spends her free time with her boyfriend Dean and her best friend Hilary Faye. Her life seems perfect, following the path of a good religious education. Then she finds out that Dean is probably gay. After Jesus advises her to do everything in her power to 'save' her boyfriend, Mary decides to follow his suggestion by sacrificing her virginity to the cause. The efforts, however, are without success: Dean is subjected to a program of 'homosexual re-orientation' while Mary gets pregnant. Disowned by her best friends, Mary finds comfort in a group of school outcasts: Cassandra, the only Jewish girl in school, Roland Faye, Hilary's cynical brother who is confined to a wheelchair, and Patrick, a charming skater and the rebellious son of the school principal. With the help of her new friends Mary will graduate, learning many new things about herself and about what it really means to be 'saved'.
All actors – Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Heather Matarazzo, Eva Amurri Martino, Chad Faust, Elizabeth Thai, Martin Donovan, Mary-Louise Parker, Kett Turton, Julia Arkos, Donna White, James Caldwell, Nicki Clyne, Aaron Douglas, Patricia Drake, Brent Fidler, Jay Hilliker, John Innes, Greg Kean, Joe MacLeod, Althea McAdam, Thomas Plustwik, Syndie Skeeles, Susan Wilkey, Valerie Bertinelli
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