“How to Deal” quotes

Movie How to Deal
Title How to Deal
Year 2003
Director Clare Kilner
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Halley is a disillusioned high school student who has seen too many broken relationships. Her parents are divorced and the father has a new girlfriend. Her mother is always alone and her sister is so busy organizing her wedding that she doesn’t care about anything else. In addition to this situation, the superficiality of every girl and boy in her school convinces Halley that finding true love is impossible. However, a tragic accident makes her meet Macon and suddenly Halley realizes that true love can arrive in unusual circumstances.
All actors – Mandy Moore, Allison Janney, Trent Ford, Alexandra Holden, Dylan Baker, Nina Foch, Mackenzie Astin, Connie Ray, Mary Catherine Garrison, Sonja Smits, Laura Catalano, Ray Kahnert, Andrew Gillies, John White, Alison MacLeod, Bill Lake, Charlotte Sullivan, Philip Akin, Claire Crawford, Ennis Esmer, Thomas Hauff, Darryl Pring, Patrice Goodman, Audrey Gardiner, Jayne Eastwood, Judi Croon, Sandi Ross, Gabrielle Ashry, Dana Reznik, Darrin Brown, Darrell Hicks, Jon Hyatt, François Klanfer, Sharlene Yuen, Jeff White, Peter Gallagher, Inna Korobkina
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