“Scanners” quotes

Movie Scanners
David Paul Cronenberg directed this movie in 1981
Title Scanners
Year 1981
Director David Cronenberg
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Action
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All actors – Jennifer O'Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Lawrence Dane, Michael Ironside, Robert A. Silverman, Larry Perkins, Mavor Moore, Adam Ludwig, Murray Cruchley, Fred Doederlein, Géza Kovács
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  • “You are 35 years old, Mr. Vale. Why are you such a derelict? Such a piece of human junk? The answer's simple. You're a scanner, which you don't realize. And that has been the source of all your agony. But I will show you now that it can be a source of great power.”
    Patrick McGoohan - Dr. Paul Ruth
  • “- Darryl Revok: This was a test campaign used in 1947 to market a new product. The product was a drug, a tranquilizer called 'Ephemerol'. It was aimed at pregnant women. If it had worked it would have been marketed all over North America. But the campaign failed and the drug failed, because it had a side effect on the unborn children. An...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Michael Ironside - Darryl Revok
    Stephen Lack - Cameron Vale
    [Tag:drugs, power]
  • “We're gonna do this the scanner way. I'm gonna suck your brain dry! Everything you are is gonna become me. You're gonna be with me Cameron, no matter what. After all, brothers should be close, don't you think?”
    Michael Ironside - Darryl Revok
    [Tag:brain, brothers]
  • “- Paul Ruth: I want you to access the Ripe program. I do not have ConSec computer clearance.
    - Cameron Vale: Neither do I.
    - Paul Ruth: But you do have a nervous system. And so does a computer. And you can scan a computer, as you would another human being.”

    Patrick McGoohan - Dr. Paul Ruth
    Stephen Lack - Cameron Vale
  • “- Cameron Vale: Benjamin Pierce?
    - Benjamin Pierce: Why don't you leave me alone?
    - Cameron Vale: I need some help. You're the only one that can give it to me.
    - Benjamin Pierce: Is that right? Me?
    - Cameron Vale: Yes.
    - Benjamin Pierce: Then I think you're in big trouble, chump.”

    Stephen Lack - Cameron Vale
    Robert A. Silverman - Benjamin Pierce
    [Tag:helping, trouble]
  • “- Cameron Vale: You called me a scanner. What is that?
    - Paul Ruth: Freak of nature, born with a certain form of ESP; derangement of the synapses which we call telepathy.”

    Stephen Lack - Cameron Vale
    Patrick McGoohan - Dr. Paul Ruth
  • “- Kim Obrist: I was scanned. The woman in the waiting room...
    - Cameron Vale: She scanned you?
    - Kim Obrist: No, not her. Her child. Her unborn child scanned me.
    - Cameron Vale: That's what the Ripe program is. The doctors on the computer list are giving ephemerol to their pregnant patients.
    - Kim Obrist: I don't understand.
    - Cameron Vale:...” (continue)
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    Jennifer O'Neill - Kim Obrist
    Stephen Lack - Cameron Vale
  • “I would like to scan all of you in this room, one at a time. I must remind you that the scanning experience is usually a painful one... sometimes resulting in nosebleeds, earaches, stomach cramps, nausea. Sometimes other symptoms of a similar nature. There is a doctor present, Dr. Gattineau. I know that you've all been prepared for this, but I...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Louis Del Grande - First Scanner
    [Tag:experiment, pain]
  • “There's a whole generation of scanners soldiers just a few months away from being born. We'll find them. Train them to be like us. Not like Obrist and their band of cripples. We'll bring the world of normals to their knees. We'll build an empire so brilliant, so glorious. We'll be the envy of the whole planet.”

    Michael Ironside - Darryl Revok
    [Tag:ambition, power]