“The Wraith” quotes

Movie The Wraith
Title The Wraith
Year 1986
Director Mike Marvin
Genre Sci-Fi, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Action
Plot – A gang of drugs addicted led by Packard runs a mechanics. They soup up engines and race in challenges, causing fatalities. One day Packard sees Keri - whom he considers his girlfriend - talking to a motorcyclist and violently he forbids her to spend time with anyone. The motorcyclist is Keri's first love, who perished in a car accident and now lives as avenger.
All actors – Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid, Matthew Barry, David Sherrill, Jamie Bozian, Clint Howard, Griffin O'Neal, Chris Nash, Vickie Benson, Peder Melhuse
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  • “- Keri Johnson: You think I'd go to California with you? I'd rather go to Nogales, have the Gutterboy's cretin children and die than to be with you.
    - Packard Walsh: You better shut up now, Keri, or I'm gonna have to...
    - Keri Johnson: Yeah, you can kill me, too, Packard, but you can never make me love you.”

    Sherilyn Fenn - Keri Johnson
    Nick Cassavetes - Packard Walsh
  • “- Jake: Courage isn't easy to come by. That's how he keeps those goons with him all the time. They're just scared.
    - Keri Johnson: So am I.
    - Jake: Keri, listen. There's gonna come a time when you'll have to take a stand. When you do that, that's when you'll free yourself of him. No sooner.”

    Charlie Sheen - Jake Kesey
    Sherilyn Fenn - Keri Johnson
    [Tag:courage, freedom]
  • “- Rughead: This gang thing was okay when we had the edge, but now that there's that wraith out there that killed Oggie...
    - Skank: A what out there, man?
    - Rughead: A wraith, man! A ghost! A evil spirit - and it ain't cool!”

    Clint Howard - Rughead
    David Sherrill - Skank
    [Tag:danger, ghosts]
  • “- Sheriff Loomis: I've been waitin' to catch you guys in the act. Been waitin' and watchin'.
    - Packard Walsh: Congratulations. You caught us talking. There's no law against that, is there officer? Unless of course I got my wires crossed and you caught us speaking without a permit.”

    Randy Quaid - Sheriff Loomis
    Nick Cassavetes - Packard Walsh
  • “- Keri Johnson: I dreamed that the man in the moon was laughing at me.
    - Jake: He does laugh all the time. You ever notice that?
    - Keri Johnson: Then I was headed east on the back of a motorcycle and the driver was Jamie Henkins. What's strange is that Jamie's dead.”

    Sherilyn Fenn - Keri Johnson
    Charlie Sheen - Jake Kesey
  • “- Billy Hankins: Packard's a mistake of nature or a genetic misfire.
    - Jake: He's what?
    - Billy Hankins: Packard gets crazyjealous if anybody even looks at Keri cross-eyed. You gotta wear dark glasses so he doesn't catch you at it.”

    Matthew Barry - Billy Hankins
    Charlie Sheen - Jake Kesey
  • “- Skank: Man, I smell a cop! Do you smell a cop?
    - Gutterboy: Uh, I smell french fries, Skank, but that don't make no sense, huh?”

    David Sherrill - Skank
    Jamie Bozian - Gutterboy
    [Tag:police, stink]
  • “- Keri Johnson: If Packard knew I was here with you... I mean, people are afraid of him for a reason.
    - Jake: People are afraid because guys like Packard prey on fear and weakness.”

    Sherilyn Fenn - Keri Johnson
    Charlie Sheen - Jake Kesey