“Silver Bullet” quotes

Movie Silver Bullet
Title Silver Bullet
Year 1985
Director Daniel Attias
Genre Horror
Interpreted by
Plot – An American town is plagued by a heinous series of crimes. The locals are frightened by everyone and the police cannot find out anything. Marty Coslaw, an eleven-year-old disabled boy, understands the criminal is a "werewolf" because one evening he faces the monster directly and wounds it. Marty confides with his elder sister Jane who fortunately believes him. The girl starts looking for a man with an injured eye and Reverend Lowe is indeed wounded. He realizes he's been unmasked and tries to kill Marty, but the two guys tell everything to their uncle Red, who however hardly accepts their story. As the sheriff discovers Lowe's identity, he's killed. At this point, the guys get a silver bullet as it's the only material capable of killing a werewolf. The final battle takes place on a full moon night and uncle Red, Marty and Jane kill the werewolf.
All actors – Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Corey Haim, Megan Follows, Robin Groves, Leon Russom, Terry O'Quinn, Bill Smitrovich, Joe Wright, Kent Broadhurst, Heather Simmons, James A. Baffico
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