“Swing Kids” quotes

Movie Swing Kids
Title Swing Kids
Year 1993
Director Thomas Carter
Genre Drama, Music
Plot – In Hamburg during 1939, while Hitler is leading Germany to the war, some Hitlerjugend students, subjected to a strict discipline, are driven by a fanatical propaganda to hate Jews. A group of young Germans rebels, called "Swing Kids" fond of American music, hides to listen to Benny Goodman and Count Basic's music. They dress in british style, have long hair and meet by night at 'Café Bismarck' to dance, play and unleash themselves to the music. They make the swing music a symbol of revolt. Among them, there are three friends: Peter Muller, son of a great classical violinist who died in a Nazi prison; Thomas Berger, from a rich middle-class family and Arvid, a lame Jew who's a skilled guitarist and collector of swing record. Peter is forced to enroll the Hitlerjugend and he's immediately followed by Thomas: they believe they can be part of the Hitler Youth by day, while by night they would come back among the Swing Kids. But reality is harsh. Arvid is persecuted and beaten, until he commits suicide. His death divides Peter and Thomas.
All actors – Robert Sean Leonard, Christian Bale, Frank Whaley, Barbara Hershey, Tushka Bergen, David Tom, Julia Stemberger, Jayce Bartok, Noah Wyle, Johan Leysen, Douglas Roberts, Martin Clunes, Jessica Hynes, Carl Brincat, Mary Fogarty, Karel Belohradský, Peter Baikie, Jennifer Chamberlain, Lucie Vackárová, Katerina Danková, Magdalena Chrzová, Jirí Malek, Metin Yenal, Arthur White, Marek Libert, Nada Konvalinková, Petr Jákl, David Robb, Ciaran Madden, John Streitburger, Hana Cízková, Petr Lepsa, Warnar Van Eeden, Andrew Kitchen, Jeremy Bulloch, Joseph Bennett, Roman Janousek, Richard Hanson, Sean Pertwee, Sarka Horcikova, Jochen Horst, Vladimír Matejcek, John Pirkis, Marie Vorlova, Eliza Clark, Kate Buffery, Sabine Skalla, Liam Burke, Sven Daum, Gregorey Garrison, Ulf Garritzmann, Ideal Getinkaya, Ines Goritz, Bettina Heyroth, Dita Kalibova, Dana Kopacova, Britta Krause, Ivan Landa, Tomas Mesner, Anna Montanaro, Cathy Murdoch, Vaclav Muska, Melinda O'Connor, Julie Oram, Tessa Pattani, Lenka Pesatova, Simon Shelton, Tini Stoll, Pavel Svoboda, Freya Trampert, Klara Vejvodova, Mickey Blaine, Kenneth Branagh, Paul Covington, Christopher Yohe
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