“Velvet Goldmine” quotes

Movie Velvet Goldmine
Title Velvet Goldmine
Year 1998
Director Todd Haynes
Genre Drama, Music
Plot – During the early '80s Arthur, a British journalist who works for a New York newspaper, is commissioned to write an article on Brian Slade, the legendary glam rock star who suddenly disappeared from the scenes at the height of his fame. As a teenager, Arthur was fond of Slade and with excitement the journalist tries to analyze the relationship between Brian and his wife Mandy. During an interview, she tells him about London in the middle of the Seventies, when rock music was spreading all around with its unbridled and narcissistic sound. Slade loved that exhibitionist atmosphere and wore flashy clothes, dyed hairstyles. He liked ambivalence and lack of restraint in sexual attitudes too. When they married, Slade went to America and became a close friend of Curt Wild, another rock star. When the interview is over, Arthur calls Curt Wild who invites him to a Tommy Stone concert. Arthur goes to the show and thinks Tommy looks just like Brian.
All actors – Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, Toni Collette, Eddie Izzard, Emily Woof, Michael Feast, Janet McTeer, Mairead McKinley, Luke Morgan Oliver, Osheen Jones, Micko Westmoreland, Damian Suchet, Danny Nutt, Wash Westmoreland, Don Fellows, Ganiat Kasumu, Ray Shell, Alastair Cumming, Zoe Boyce, Jim Whelan, Sylvia Grant, Tim Hans, Ryan Pope, Stuart Callaghan, James Francis, Callum Hamilton, Lindsay Kemp, Carlos Miranda, Emma Handy, Matthew Glamour, Daniel Adams, Bryan Torfeh, Joseph Beattie, Sarah Cawood, David Hoyle, Winston Austin, Ivan Cartwright, Peter King, Justin Salinger, Roger Alborough, Peter Bradley Jr., Jonathan Cullen, William Key, Vincent Marzello, Corey Skaggs, Nathan Osgood, Nadia Williams, Brian Molko, Antony Langdon, Xavior, Steve Hewitt, Guy Leverton, Vinney Reck, Keith-Lee Castle, Eden Ford, Jono McGrath, Perry Clayton, Donna Matthews, Ritz, Stefan Olsdal, Trevor Sharpe, Ralph Morse
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