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Cybill Lynne
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February 18, 1950 in Memphis
North American
actor, top model, singer
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Cybill Lynne Shepherd quotes
  • “I think the measure of your success to a certain extent will be the amount of things written about you that aren't true.”
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd
    [Tag:gossip, success]
  • “- Corinne Jeffries: Dr. Bailey. I came here to tell you... that I'm interested in someone. A man. Well, he's almost a man.
    - Dr. Bailey: What do you mean?
    - Corinne Jeffries: He's 22 years old. But it's not like I'm rushing into anything, I've known him for 26 years.”

    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
    James Noble - Dr. Bailey
  • “My psychiatrist says I suffer from the halo effect, the tendency of widows to idealize their dead husbands. He says it keeps me from falling in love again. He has a point, but I can't imagine I'll ever stop loving Louie.”
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
  • “Gameshows are what life's really like. You win things that look great at the time but turn out to be junk, and you lose things you might want to keep forever... just because you're unlucky.”
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Jacy Farrow
    [Tag:game, losing, luck]
  • - Alex Finch: What was Miranda like at 10?
    - Corinne Jeffries: At 10? Precocious. Opinionated. Fiercely independent. She got braces then, which she removed with pliers after wearing them for about an hour. I remember Philip telling her, "All great beauties must suffer and sacrifice".

    Robert Downey Jr. - Alex Finch
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
  • “- Hercules Popodopoulos: Madame, I admire your insouciance.
    - Marilyn Schwary: Well, it's the dress; it shows everything.”

    Joss Ackland - Hercules Popodopoulos
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Marilyn Schwary
  • “We have to keep trying things we're not sure we can pull off. If we just do the things we know we can do... you don't grow as much. You gotta take those chances on making those big mistakes.”
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd
  • “Oh, Dr. Bailey, I don't know if it's just his body I'm attracted to or his soul. Or if it's just me. Mmm. I'm feeling... generally... attractive. The truth is, I'm so ripe, I'm about to fall off the vine.”

    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
  • “Tell that woman I'll be Eve. I've got to stop being so reclusive! Causing the fall of humanity might be just the kind of challenge I need.”

    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Jacy Farrow
    [Tag:acting, humanity]
  • “If you're considered a beauty, it's hard to be accepted doing anything but standing around.”
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd
  • “- Marilyn Schwary: Two thousand francs?
    - Hercules Popodopoulos: I'm sorry, is the amount not adequate?
    - Marilyn Schwary: What, are you planning on bringing friends? Listen mister, maybe this is what hookers look like in Greece, but I'm no hooker, I'm a housewife. We do it for free!”

    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Marilyn Schwary
    Joss Ackland - Hercules Popodopoulos
    [Tag:job, payment, women]
  • “- Dr. Bailey: How have you been feeling?
    - Corinne Jeffries: Fantastic. It was Louie's birthday on Saturday. I baked him a cake with little cherries on it.
    - Dr. Bailey: I thought we agreed that you were going to stop cooking for him.
    - Corinne Jeffries: It was his birthday. It makes me happy to feed him. The Egyptians fed their dead.
    - Dr....” (continue)
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    James Noble - Dr. Bailey
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
  • “- Alex Finch: I just want to say congratulations. You and Philip make a great pair.
    - Corinne Jeffries: Thanks Alex. You know. You're the first boyfriend of Miranda's I ever really liked.”

    Robert Downey Jr. - Alex Finch
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
  • “- Jacy: It's ironic you broke all your ribs right before the Adam and Eve skit. I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of that.
    - Duane: I din't break all my ribs, I just broke three.
    - Jacy: That doesn't affect the irony, honey-pie.”

    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Jacy Farrow
    Jeff Bridges - Duane Jackson
    [Tag:irony, psychiatry]
  • “- Corinne Jeffries: He's... weird.
    - Miranda Jeffries: Mom... weirdness is not a criminal offense. If it were, you'd be serving a life sentence.”

    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
    Mary Stuart Masterson - Miranda Jeffries
  • “- Philip Train: Corinne, he's got you figured out. All he wants is your money.
    - Corinne Jeffries: You're wrong. He wants my body.”

    Ryan O'Neal - Philip Train
    Cybill Lynne Shepherd - Corinne Jeffries
    [Tag:body, desire, money]